Sunday, December 19, 2010

right back atcha MANTIS!

(this is an image that belongs to the graph writer FUNK1)(he's dope!) MANTISOUNDS dropped the illest, sleaziest, funkiest, disco mix the other week... folks are still emailing us and faceboobing about it and causing a stir over how dope it is. and boy is it dope. it inspired me to try and get on his wavelength. so without further delay, here is my debut as PHATMOBERT the funk fatty. I hope you like the track selection, its a mix of all different styles of funk, from that r&b laced ish, to that hardcore horns and claps, mixed in with that crossed-over soul inflected groove.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoot the Moon

"The freak with the top hat is leaving with the basketball. Cover the freak....Tell the men, it's time to shoot the moon!"

I've been promising a disco mix for a while, and this weekend I finally got it together and finished it up. This is 14 tracks of smoked out, dubby disco edits that put a smile on my face. Nice and slow, lots of spaced out effects, slow motion funk for Sgt. Stedenko and the freak in the top hat (mostly for the freak). I used a bunch of edits from Deep& Disco and Munga, who are all killing the disco reedit scene right now. Check their Soundclouds for serious midtempo disco damage.

You can stream the set below, or download the mp3 directly using the link below. Better yet, follow the instructions on the top right side of this page to sign up for the podcasts, which will beam all our sets right into your iTunes/iPod fresh out the oven!

(Ralph Bakshi's "Heavy Traffic" promo, 1973)

mantisounds - shoot the moon

1. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Cole Medina Remix)
2. Minnie Riperton - Inside my Love (Darren Daz Dalton's Inside my Filter Rework)
3. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - This Joint
4. Kazino - Binary (Munga Rework)
5. Loleatta Holloway - Seconds (Deep&Disco's Once is Never Enough Rework)
6. Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby (Eyan's Deep Space Dub)
7. Sister Sledge - Lost in Music (The Revenge Rework)
8. Mona Raye - Do Me (And Munga Done Did It Rework)
9. Sharon Brown - Specialize in Love (Munga vs. Deep&Disco Edit)
10. Jamiroquai - Alright (Dan & Kris Re-Edit)
11. BeatFanatic - Something Better
12. Richard T Bear - Sunshine Hotel (Musica Hermosas Bounce Edit)
13. Stevie Wonder - Do I Do (U-Tern Edit)
14. Alpha Blondy - Jah Glory (Rhythm Plate's Disco Riddim Plate)


(cross-posted at Mantisounds)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3AM Request Line

I keep trying to switch things up, really I do. I've been working on a sleazy disco mix for you all, and it's coming along fine, but I keep getting distracted by wobbly, face-melting breaks and dubstep when I step beind the mixer! Here's another bass-heavy set I put together a couple of weeks ago that I hope you'll enjoy. It's the polar opposite of Mo's last mix (which I suppose is the point), and definitely will get you humming on your morning commute (legal disclaimer: not liable for moving violations incurred while consuming this product).

As always, flash player and download link below, but please sign up for the La MoDa Mixtapes podcast by following the directions on the right-hand side of this page, and you'll be the first on your block to receive all La MoDa-sanctioned mixes, podcasts, manifestos, and musique concrete! Do it to it!

Mantisounds - 3AM Request Line
1. Jinx In Dub - Bucky Don Dub
2. Steve Bug & DJ T - Monsterbaze (Evil Nine Remix)
3. Koma & Bones - Medium Cool (Bassbin Twins Mix)
4. Bassbin Twins - the Lock
5. Jabbawockeez - Robot Remains (Sangers & Ra Mix)
6. Project Bassline - Drop the Pressure (Cut La Roc ReDrum)
7. Excision & Datsik - Calypso (Elite Force Mix)
8. Giggs & Mike Skinner - Slow Song (Marco Del Horno Dubstep Mix)(Dustin Hulton Breaks Edit)
9. Miike Snow - Black and Blue (NAPT Remix)
10. Ben & Lex - All Da Breakz (Mskr-nt's VIP Remix)
11. Freestylers - This City (Kouncil House Remix)
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Track Remix)(Andy McAllister Reedit)
13. the Prodigy - Spitfire (Future Funk Squad's Dogfight Remix)
14. Specimen A - Just a DJ
15. Access Denied vs NAPT - Remark You Realised (Yreane Mashup)
16. Freerange DJs - Back to the Old Jack (Eshericks Remix)
17. ILS - Sabotage (Deekline & Wizard Remix)
18. Ways & Means - Serious Business
19. Phaeleh - Selecta (Jinx in Dub Remix)
20. Cut La Roc - Looking for the Deep Bass (Schema Remix)
21. Jurassik vs. Skream - Midnight Rquest Line (Jurrassik ReRub)
22. Ed Solo & JFB - I Need You


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Right is Wrong is Far From Over

hey kids! we're back with more sonic goodness. here we have a tale of morals and ethics - two things (can morals and ethics be properly described as "things"?) i have been thinking about a lot lately. this mix uses samples from an old instructional film on "making good choices" , the film focuses on a young man who gets in with the "wrong" crowd and here we go are you ready? 1. the store security guard who sees him is friends with his family and he has to "decide" what to do - turn him in OR turn a blind eye (cue sappy music) 2. the police come to the boys house looking for him and his mother has to decide (in a really disorienting internal dialogue scene, that seems to take forever! i mean seriously if i was the cop and after the three minutes she makes me wait on the porch and then says "oh he's not here" i wouldnt believe her! i wouldnt!)- does she turn him in or does she lie to the police?! (cue sappy music) 3. the cop who is interrogating the youngstah wants him to turn in his friends - does the young man do it or not?! this goes on forever, everyone involved has to make a "tough choice" and then at the end the film poses the most serious of questions - WHAT WOULD YOU DO?! its like you're jeesus and what you decide finally matters to someone. so anyways i took all the audio out of the film and then i cut (cut is such a weird verb, i mean it never sounds right to me, i always feel likes its missing a letter or something, like it should be "cutted" as in "i cutted and pasted")and pasted it to make a much shorter morality tale, i then took this tale and cutted and pasted it over a really sweet mix that i feel captures the complexity and ingenuity of the original film production. i hope you fools like it!

Right is Wrong is Far From Over by mosart212

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bring Me a Dream

Good news boppers, it's new mix time from deep inside La MoDa Central! Both Mo and I have been hard at work, with some new goodies in the pipeline to get your toes tapping as the summer says goodbye and the leaves start changing. First up is a new breakbeat mix from me (Mantisounds). I endeavored to create a mix that was a "breaks-through-musical-history" concept, if you will. Starts with some flapper-style swing elements, passes through the early days of pop music (Mr. Sandman), and then storms headlong into the disco era. There's a nod to classic breaks (the Mexican remix), the remix of the year (IMO) from Peo and the Drumattic Twins, and then I finish up with breaks from the future (Slyde and the Stanton Warriors remix). All given the big room tweaked out thump that I can't get enough of.
I played most of these tracks in my set when I joined Atomik in Portland in August, and they went down really well, so I thought I'd do it again and post it up for all to enjoy.
Keep it locked, more treats from both me and Mo coming soon....

1 parov stelar - catgroove
2. gramophonedzie - why don't you (krafty cuts re-rub)
3. the chordettes - mr. sandman (mr. no hands wobbly remix)
4. emanuel kosh - make my music (zodiac cartel remix)(krafty cuts re-rub)
5. yolanda be cool & dcup - we no speak americano (johnny dangerously breaks mix)
6. duck sauce - aNYway (andy mcallister remix)
7. stardust - music sounds better (rebel sketchy 2009 remix)
8. the soulbrothers - 21st century disco shit (miles dyson remix)(rel1 re-fix)
9. bombermen - alcatrax vol. 1 (miles dyson breakfast edit)
10. wolfgang gartner - 5th symphony (rel1 refix)
11. drumattic twins - crazy love (peo de pitte 2010 disco edit)
12. plaza de funk - get crazy
13. fort knox five - party pushers ft. mustafa akbar (smalltown romeo mix)(krafty cuts re-rub)
14. mr. b - little acid people (drumattic twins remix)
15. deekline & tim healy - the mexican (krafty kuts re-rub)
16. slyde - move ya body
17. sub focus - rock it (stanton warriors edit)
18. dj zinc - wile out (small fry rerun)
19. yeah yeah yeahs vs a-trak - heads will roll (electric soulside ft. odissi mix)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A rap tape - really?

Yes.... on this edition of la moda mixtapes i try my hand at a rap mixtape. this one finds me at the junction of violence and consciousness, objectification and praise. i love hip hop, but i dont always like what i hear or what i see. and yet... there are those instances in which i want to hear the nihilism, i want it in my life. tough days at work are made that much more easier by a little NWA on the way home. this mix is about my inner struggle with a form of art that doesnt always love me back. parts old school, experimental, on the fly, and autobiographical, i hope you enjoy this trip with my inner spirits... the good and the bad.... the sacred and the profane... puts some diamonds and rubies on the cover yo, it'll sell a million copies....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

at the clay studio

i was at the clay studio with my wife. she was making glaze. i brought in my gear and i made a mix. art begets art.

Monday, July 26, 2010

hustle uptown

Whoa. It's been a minute since I posted a mix on the bloggy-blog. Holding down a 9 to 5 and raising twin babies has been a LOT of work, to put it mildly. Thankfully Mo has been holding it down on the podcast front. But I haven't stopped digging....still searching for the perfect beat. I've been trying to focus what little energy/free time I DO have on the monthly residency I'm throwing called Uptown Hustle at the Enormous Room in Cambridge (Northeast peoples, definitely mark the first Thursday of every month on your calendars). Been pushing a very disco/funk heavy future-retro vibe. Some might even call it "nu-funk" (shit, I call it nu-funk when I'm trying to come up with copy for the flyers).

I probably shouldn't say this, because it makes me sound old, but I remember when "nu-funk" was called "big beat," and before that when it was called "funky breaks," and before that when it was called "trip hop." (...and before that when it was all called acid jazz!) Before magazines needed micro-genres to sell issues, everything that wasn't house/techno or "jungle" was called "trip hop." (shit, no one reads magazines anymore. damn I sound old...) You could find Coldcut next to Mondo Grosso next to Metro LA next to Massive Attack. And it was all in the "dance" section of Tower anyway. Ah, simpler times...

Anyway, since I been feeling nu-funk since before it was called "nu-funk", I figured it was time for me to put together a proper mix to promote the night. A sampling of the sort of disco-dripped, funkafied future retro sound that I've been steering towards as I've taken the helm of Uptown Hustle while Mosart212 is doing his bid upstate. In honor of Todd the Rocket's guest appearance on August 5 at Uptown Hustle, here's a promo mix for everyone who just wants to break a sweat on the dancefloor. Don't try to play this mix sitting down....

mantisounds - hustle uptown

1. bill ben & baggio - pusherman

2. wu-tang clan - c.r.e.a.m. (dj moneyshot's travesty mix)

3. totalcult - brown feeling

4. afrika bambaataa & the soul sonic force - planet rock (dj ayers vs jay.soul remix)

5. fort knox five - the spirit of '75

6. fendaheads - sunrise

7. pale the kid - the doll that made the dice behave (rory hoy & lebrosk remix)

8. maelstrom & nap-z - mash the peas (post life the rat disorder mix)

9. funkanomics - last night a dj saved my life

10. jem stone & j.c. - disco daze (disco mix)

11. oasis - wonderwall (dvw remix)(dj ark rerub)

12. michael jackson - don't stop (dmndays re-edit)

13. grateful dead - shakedown street (tommie sunshine & figure brooklyn fire edit)

14. santigold - brooklyn we go hard (shovit gt mix radio edit)

15. donna summer - bad girls (sonicc remix)

16. michael jackson - get on the floor (summerheadz main mix revamp)

17. harvey mason - groovin' you (morsy mix)

18. rockets - golden strings

19. stardust - music sounds better (kid massive mix)

20. earth wind & fire - let's groove tonight (gogobizkitt remix)

21. brothers johnson - stomp (only children edit)

22. prince - I wanna be your lover (dimitri from paris re-edit)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

sick in the head

hey kids... i am sick... i have been 1. working like a madman 2. travlin 3. doing "gigs" - it was inevitable that i would get sick. i want to give an extra special big shout out to BEAT RESEARCH and DJ AXEL FOLEY for inviting me to rock out in boston. being there reminded me how much i love and miss the snobby, elitist, yuppified east coast!

well, the fact that my body isnt having any more of my shenanigans, and i feel like total crap is shitty for me but awesome for you. here then is a mix i made entirely from my bed. last year when i got sick i created "sickasadog" but back then i was seriously fucking dying, so the mix itself had an air of slow death, a wake-like atmosphere if you will. this time around i am sick but not in that fearing for my life or sanity sort of way, more like, in an annoyed, crampy, nauseus, irritated, bored, itchy, sort of way. the jams on here are a little lessed subdued than the on "sickas..." but they do keep the spirit of contemplation alive.

a note about track lists: for those of you who have not noticed i have stopped including track lists for my mixes. its not that i do not want to give credit where credit is due, but it seems to not really do much of anything. at this point the mixes are a middle of sounds, dialogue, edits, blends, and effects, leaving many to wonder - where does one song end and another begin? that has been my goal since day one. to mix something so perfectly that the whole thing becomes ONE song, one long, elaborate movement. i hope you have been enjoying the mixes thus far, and as usual i hope you like this one. i am now on my way to the bathroom to throw up the soup i had for dinner. i love you. good night.

Monday, July 5, 2010

no pants kinda weekend...

hi. i tired to wear pants as little as possible this weekend. i also ate a lot. i also drank a lot. i turned off my phone on friday and have not checked it since. the grind begins again tomorrow. but for this afternoon its sweet tunes and beer. enjoy the new mix!

Monday, June 21, 2010

no wire hangers, ever!

no re-do's ever.
hit record and let go.
no wire hangers.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

boston blackie vol.1

i had an epiphany in boston. trying to get back to my zen. the days when i was calm and understanding. focused and unfazed by the ugly truths. i want to go back to when i understood there was fakeness in the world, this knowledge inspired me by the day, but did not keep me up at night. it was my second and third wind. i am working my way back there. walking my way back slowly but surely.

welcome to the boston blackie saga... enjoy volume 1...

Boston Blackie : Activist Supreme! by lamodamixtapes

Sunday, June 13, 2010


i cant remember which pill i was supposed to take. was i supposed to take the red pill? damn! i knew i shouldnt have smoked before coming to this weird motherfucker's house with this weird ass white girl. ok ok ok, concentrate. ok, so one of these pills takes me back to my apartment and the other - wait this shady ass clown didnt even tell me what would happen if i took the other one. fuck. i knew one day this would happen. i'm too trusting. drugs, pills shit, thats all i was thinking about at the time. hot chick, weird pills, whats the harm, i thought. i didnt think tho that i'd be give some magic shit, beat to death, chopped up, and stuffed into the freezer at some leather fetishists dingy apartment in - wait, where the hell is this place anyway? shit! are we still in rochester? damn, damn, damn... i think its the blue pill. i think he said if i take the blue one i can go back to my normal life. i think...oh snap i just remembered i made a new mix for the blog! shit i gotta get back and post that. i let a week slide by last time before i reposted, cant let that happen again. i wonder what kind of music these weirdos listen to, prolly some hardcore bullshit ass techno garbage or something like that. techno is for lovers. i read that somewhere, like on a bumper sticker or something. where the hell are those two? where'd they disappear to? i cant tell if i think the girl is hot or not. i mean she's kinda ghostly-white, but in like a hot way. i wonder if they are sleeping together. if like, this is some sort of weirdo sicko thing where she brings people back to the crib and tell them to take all sorts of different colored pills and then BAM! next thing you know... i hope i find a funny picture to put up with my post. i gotta get out of here pronto. what if there was like, one person, you know, one person anxiously awaiting the newest mix post. that'd be cool. real cool...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Its Been a Long tImE...withOut a stRong rhyme...

Its been ages since i posted. its been two weeks in human time and six years in internet time. since then LCD dropped a new album, i have gained 200 pounds, my best friend was mauled by a greyhound, Sweden merged with Switzerland to form a new country, and the gulf of mexico oil leak has turned out to be a great thing for the tanking economy and recent college grads who are ahead of the game by entering the real world without work.
but i digress... here now, is the moment you've been waiting for - NEW "dance" MIX -
i been diggin in "first half of the 2000s crate" to put the majority of this one together. there's some Scissor Sisters in there, some Ellen Allien, one of my favorite remixes of all time by my homeboys Electrik Cocaine (previously dropped on another mixtape), then i go back a little further and hit up one or two house music classix, and i end it off with some freak out "dance" music and my own edit/blend of "keep bouncing" by too short and infectious buzzing noise that daft punk is so good at producing. I dont do dance very often, and in the end you may decide that this is more clean the house/bop your head/take a shower before going out to listen to some real dance music, mixtape than it is a straight up dance mix. but if it were just a straight up dance mix would that be mosart212?
i will end this post by refering to myself in the third person

Broken Speakers Pump The Air by mosart212

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Picking up where Mo left off on his last post (which I assume not many people read, but definitely should), Mo and I both come from the same place when it comes to WHY we do what we do: because we love it. Not because we want to be famous, not because we think it looks cool, not because we're show-offs or because we think we're the best djs in the world. We both love music of all kinds, and at different places and times in our lives, we each were bitten by that post-modern sonic bug that says, "wow, if this song sounds this dope on its own, how much better could it sound mixed with this OTHER song, or sound, or rhythm, or peom, or whatever." We like the sound of two different things being mixed together to create a THIRD thing. And we like to play those things loud, preferably with other people who like to dance to those things. Because dancing to dope beats is fun.

With all the millions of songs out there, there are a thousand billion permutations of combinations, and that alone keeps us pushing to find that next dope mix, that next perfect rhythm or sequence, which, like a surfer's perfect wave, only comes along a few times, or maybe just once, in your life. But once you've caught it, once you've stood in front of that speaker stack and it's all clicked and you've captured that perfect rhythm, you will spend the rest of your life looking for it again, or trying to create it, or top it. Sometimes we get close, sometimes we totally lose the plot, but it's something you never stop shooting for...

I don't want to speak for Mo, but I don't spend most of my waking minutes obsessing about obscure micro-genres of music and trolling the dusty corners of the internet for sounds because I think it will make me famous, or get me laid, or be the "best" at scratching or juggling or reverse crab flaring. I don't do it to try to inflate my friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. And I definitely don't do it to make money (though a little here and there doesn't hurt). I do it because I like hearing dope shit. Period. And making something dope into something REALLY dope, even if just a little bit more, is never a bad thing. Plus, what the fuck else am I going to do, play videogames?

I bought myself a gangload of subsonic weaponry recently, and spent about 90 minutes mixing it together and throwing down effects on the Kaoss pad. I recorded it, check it out below. I hope you like it, but I fucking love it, and really, that's all that matters...

Still lookin' for the perfect beat...

1. Slyde - Block Party
2. Slyde - SlydevsMGMT booty
3. Skool of Thought - Villa Funk
4. Hot Mouth - I Don't Care (Krafty Kuts and Hot Mouth Re-Reub)
5. Stanton Warriors & Bassbin Twins - Rhythm Rocks the Blue (Elite Force Mix)
6. Slyde - Discofukka
7. 30 hz & Vlad - Get Low
8. Lee Morimter & Laidback Luke - Blau (Fog's Blunderbuss Mix)
9. Micky Slim & Mark Brown - You Know What's Up (Krafty Kuts re-rub)
10. Hatiras, Vandal, JELO & Stanton Warriors - M.A.D. (Elite Force Remix)
11. Twocker - Stitch (Bass Kleph Mix - Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
12. NAPT ft. Louise Marshall - Make my Day (This is NOT a Jack Beats Remix)
13. Deekline & Wizard - Angels (NAPT remix)
14. Deekline & Wizard - Back up (Krafty Kuts remix)
15. Bar 9 - Shaolin style (Elite Force Mix)
16. Splitloop - Ghetto UK
17. Elite Force - The Law of Life
18. Deekline & Wizard - Fire (Adsorb Remix)
19. Stupid Fresh - Get the Fuck Up ft. Stellar MC (Krafty Kuts re-rub)
20. Si Begg - Are You the Big Boy DJ (Milo Firewater Remix)
21. Deekline & Wizard - Bounce and Rebound (Beat Assassins Remix)
22. Deekline & Wizard - Keep It Pushing ft. Freq Nasty & DJ Assault (Specimen A Remix)

Direct Link to MP3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Wanna Know... How To...Roll With It Baby!

greetings friends! long time no see. work has been kicking my ass. and so my jumbled brain invites you inside. set up, get comfy, and follow me on this stream of consciousness.....

my fellow Butter Brother, Todd the Rocket, sent me this awesome link today to a Eugene McDaniels article written by Cosmo Baker of The RUB from BK. Todd has been working with Eugene (or Gene as he is now privy to call him) for a couple of months now and their relationship is blossoming into something mega. Cosmo is an ill dj. After i read the link the Rocket sent me i perused the rest of Cosmo's blog which i havent done in a while. i do so love me some RUBs, they guys are an inspiration. At one point i came across a comment : "Cosmo is a dj's dj" and it got me thinking... i say shit like "your favorite dj's djs" and the like, all the time. here, on faceboob, and in my real analog avatar-less life. i started wondering (read: worrying) do motherfuckers get insulted when i say that? i love dj'ing and one of the biggest disappointments in my life is that lately i dont have enough time to devote to it, the blog, editing, remixing, and go to shows. i envied Cosmo, but at he same time i am happy as hell for him. he got his. he earned his. and he IS MAD FUCKING GOOD. but i am also happy with my position too. i was explaining to a friend that although i dont get to do any of this stuffs full time, i do get to enjoy it and the pleasures it brings. i gig, i meet interesting folks, i have a likkle recognition. and i get props. there arent too many things we humans engage in outside of shit that involves an inflated ball, where we get props. i get props. sometimes i want more, and sometimes a homeboy (big ups to REV1 for always being my jimminy cricket) has to slap me back down to earth. i do well and i do what i do out of a sense of love and urgency.

how do we get to where we are going? how do we earn the titles bestowed upon us? why must we "stay in our lane" and "play our position"?

theres been a lot of flack about who is legit, who is for real, who is down, who is fake, who is a poser, who is a groupie, who is full of shit... but its all flack. its easy to get caught up in all that and lose sight of what you originally started out to do. i never started out to become a world class, world famous dj. i am not sure if Cosmo did, but he is now, and he is really good at it. Me, i get props from other underground cats around the globe who stumble upon my humbly made mixes (can i proclaim to be your favorite dj's favorite dj and still be humble?) and i go to bed happy. i hope you enjoy what Mantisounds and I do. we eek it out, we sneak it in, we sacrifice where we cant afford to, and we keep bringing it on the real.
check out Cosmo's blog here and my boy Soulstatic's excellent internet radio station,, where THE RUB is hosted, here

and without further ado, here is my latest offering to the masses:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right B B A...

here is what happened: I went from 65 beats per minute, to 165 beats per minute, back down to 65 beats per minute. tried some double time over some traditional time signatures, tried some contrapuntal melody arrangements, tried to wrangle some blends into some sort of symmetry. this was done several times over in what is known as “practice” then the results were induced onto a recording device, which doesn’t really record but actually transcribe a series of 1’s and 0’s onto some sort of “memory” the final product was re-branded a “mix” received the La MoDa blessing (think kosher v. non-kosher) posted onto a web diary, along with a snarky “pic” and then sent out into the world alone and vulnerable for others to make judgments about the creator’s insignificant life filled with trifling minutiae… enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

blessup, wile out!

Stoked about this mix. I've always loved DJ Zinc, his Bingo Beats imprint was killing the dark 2step/breaks hybrid sound back at the turn of the century (I love writing that), and his drum n'bass output was always rugged ("Tru Playaz Vol. 1" is still one of my favorite jump up compilations). I recently copped his Crack House EP as well as the "Wile Out" package (with Ms. Dynamite's long-overdue return to good music), and have been feeling his warehousey, bassed-up toasty dancehall-tech sound, so I decided to put together a mix along those lines (sidebar: there very well could be an actual genre that encompasses the sound on this mix. Being an old fart, I stopped trying to figure out what every new micro-genre was a long time ago. So if you're saying "duh, this is totally formulaic Jackin Ethno-Fidget Wobble, get with it!" you're a young whippersnapper who should respect his elders...

When putting together this set, I imagined wandering into a seriously grimy rave full of rudeboy antics and toasting mcs, dancing my ass off, and then hitting the afterparty of that rave on a beach with the sun coming up and the scent of purple kush and Nag Champa incense filling the air....(In case you needed a visual). Starts all shuffling and shady, peaks with some annihilating rhythms, rave sirens and generally over-the-top bassbin madness, and finishes with some serious skankin and toasting. I used the Kaoss pad for this mix, and will admit that I got a little carried away at the end with the dub reverb/feedback effects, but hey, put something in the air and let this mix freak you out....It works...

As usual, please sign up for La MoDa Mixtapes podcasts using the instructions at the top right of the page. And if you like the mix, tell a friend!...

Mantisounds - blessup, wile out by Mantisounds

1. layo & bushwacka - love story (SOLO bootleg)
2. dj zinc - music makers
3. sub focus - could this be real
4. roisin murphy - momma's place (heavyfeet remix)
5. trevor loveys - organ grinder (greenmoney's lighter remix)
6. rox - my baby left me (arms remix)
7. dj zinc ft. ms. dynamite - wile out
8. dub pistols - i'm in love ft lindy layton & rodney p (d-funk's summer of love remix)
9. flore - we rewind ft. rodney p (am I angry? flore remix)
10. sub focus - move higher
11. dj zinc - nu sound
12. rusko - woo bost (subskrpt)
13. benga - 26 basslines (elite force refix)
14. benga ft. ms dynamite - my dj
15. freestylers - cracks
16. dee patten - who's the badman
17. aquasky & tayo ft. earl 16 - looking for a session
18. evil 9 ft. toastie taylor - restless
19. dreadzone - king dub rock

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dating Sure Is Hard

direct link to mix

So this past summer (while I was living at my wife’s mother’s house, and I set up a mini studio in the attic space, where it was so hot I was sweating like a slave cleaning out a chicken coop, and I recorded a ton of mixes and played around with a ton of samples, remixes, and edits, as well as traveling back and forth between portland and boston to gig, drink hang out, and get teary eyed at the prospect of leaving the east coast) my homegirl broke up with her boyfriend. She was heartbroken and I did the only thing I knew to do to make someone feel better – I made her a custom made mixtape. This scorcher utilizes samples from several dating manuals from that bass ackwards era that brought us those despicable “baby boomers” (the only group more entitled, selfish, and assholish than Williamsburg and other “cool” neighborhood hipsters). I laid out tons of great samples of this one, as well as dropping a couple of mosart212 original edits of sufjan stevens, jel, herb alpert, deltron, andre 3000, and bangin reinterpretations of the beatles, the white stripes, regina spektor, and many more!

Lets face it dating is not fun unless you is having sex and eating out all the time. Eventually it becomes monotonous and obnoxious and you reach that point where you have no idea what you are doing anymore – why am I even with this person? why are we even sleeping together? I was trying to capture that uncertainty along with the absolute absurdity of the whole practice. at the end of the day, dating isn’t just hard, it is flat out retarded (yeah I said it, go ahead get mad, miss the fucking point…)

Enjoy this mix and be on the lookout for the rest of the leaked attic tapes (last summer some asshole named moises nunez, who goes by "mo" stole a bunch of the mixes, the mixes were never intended for public consumption, but now that we here at La MoDa know they are out there we figured it was only fair to legitimately share them with our faithful brethren).

Oh… and by the way… my homegirl and this dude got back together again and they are living “happily ever after” true story, or as the kids say nowadays, “real talk yo!” (stupid kids!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hit Record pt 3. - I'm in Cleveland suckas!

Yo yo yo... wasss happenin....?! Its another installment of "Project Hit Record" where Mantisounds and i have the pleasure of recording a one-off mix (str8t off the dome, no edits, no re-do's, etc, etc) just for you (you know, "YOU" : person of the year). There is something about sitting down to a mix and knowing you aint gonna do it again. as david lee roth says - this is it...

the perfection we strive for today, in dj sets, in studio music, in art in general is degrading the human heart, mind and spirit....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

square pegs in a world full of lame ass clones

Big ups to daddy Mantis for sneaking off a banging mixtape last week!

A note about facebook: facebook seems to be getting cooler. hear me out on this one. its slowly losing the lame kids and the obnoxious oversharers and its becoming a great marketplace for ideas. i dont know about you but i love loggin on to see that my homeboys and homegirls around the planet is getting they things done. shows, exhibits, openings, publishings, getting they fame on. i love it. it inspires me, and lately i need inspiration...

i have been struggling with the blog, you know, like, existential crisis stlye - specifically, the words you are reading right now and those like them. who reads this anyways? arent most folks (if there are indeed more than 20 of you out there) getting they mixes sent right to they ipoddies? i have fun writing shit out for you, and doing my stream of consciousness thing, and of course the occasional shout out to a random artist is always fun (holleratchaboing dj shadow, i am tryna follow in YOUr fucking footsteps dude, call me up, stop fronting!), but sometimes i feel like dubbayuteeef, you know?

and as an artist i have been feeling very stunted lately, like i am looking for a new thing, trying to find a new sound, and although i love this mix (seriously i wouldnt have put it up if i dint) i feel like i am not there yet. i dont know what or where this "there" is, but i will know when i get there. for now enjoy the smoove stylings of my warped mind as i take you on an ambien-pill ride through an auditory landsape full of noises, cliks, bass, and treble... if yurr out there let us know what you think of the mixes, your feedback means everything to us, we aint to big too care yo...enjoy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Quick, before the kids start crying! I made a new mix!

Life has been non-stop neon-green poopy diapers and spitup-covered shoulders for the last few weeks, and my prior life as a rave kid getting by on little to no sleep has definitely come in handy, but the one thing I really miss is music. Loud, wake-the-neighbors, head-nodding hands-in-the-air music. I have to be on point 24 hours a day, so even rocking headphones isn't really in the cards right now, as I still need to hear them breathing and catch them fussing before they wake their mother up. These kids got us on Shawshank lockdown right now, and after two weeks, even a sip of pruno or extra socks from commissary is a treat.

So when the in-laws came by a few days ago, my little baby jail wardens allowed me some time in the yard, and I arranged for a conjugal visit with my mixer and some new breaks tracks. No practicing, no thoughtful track selection, hell, I didn't even get to listen to a few of these tracks first, just turned the mixer and the Kaoss pad on, hit "record," and jacked up the volume. 60 minutes of bass at high volumes (preferably in a res-i-dent-ial area). All in all it came out pretty well, I'd love a do-over on a couple mixes, but for a blind run it was aiight.

As usual, for the most up to the minute mixes from the La MoDa brethren, follow the instructions at the top right of this page and sign up for our podcasts. The jailbreak siren is sounding, I better get back before roll call or it's extra hours of latrine duty for me.

mantisounds - jailbreak

1. Wiley ft. Emeli Sande - Never Be Your Woman (Solo "Loves Garage" Remix)

2. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (Kyle Watson Re-rub)

3. Josh Money & MC Flipside - Wave Over Me

4. Felguk vs Tim Healey - Rio (Slyde Remix)

5. Tim Healey & Tai - Pocket Rocket

6. Deekline - I Don't Smoke (Deekline & Tim Healey Mix - Krafty Kuts Edit)

7. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Peo De Pitte Dub)

8. Beat Assassins - Put Em Up

9. Diverted - Big Baby Fear (Nick Thayer Remix)

10. Slyde - Jetset

11. Bassnectar - Art of Revolution (Prepmode Remix)

12. Hostage - Skin Out

13. Nick Thayer - Pressure Point (Thayer's Drop the Bass Mix)

14. Lee Mortimer & Foamo - Superman (Streetlife DJs Remix)

15. Hostage - Lost in Bass

16. Deekline & Wizard - Back Up (For the Music)(Krafty Kuts Summer Mix 12" Edit)

17. Groove Diggerz - Just Be Good to Me

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twin Wind Down Time

Time to slow things down a bit. Mantisounds has been going hard on the dance floor/head bopping tip and it makes sense – he’s hyped! he just introduced two new souls into the world and so he wanted to make some noise… I would like to switch things up a bit and introduce a bit of introspection, retrospection, and inspection to the mix. The next couple of mixes I post will come from a chiller gentler space. Space which is designed to get you slowed down a bit. Get you to think. Get you to recognize where you are at and where you are heading. I ask in all seriousness - What are you going to do for Mantis’ babies? What is the world are you creating? What world are you leaving them? This mix was created and crafted early one Sunday in January, clear headed and yet full of questions. First thing out of bed. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, and stepped into the zone. Nothing hard, nothing banging. I have been in a contemplative mood as of late. i have been trying to figure out where I fit in and just what the hell is it that I am doing? Sometime we have to take time out to be cheesy and be cliché. We have this tendency to think that cliché means passé. Passé the peas like they used to say…

Sunday in January by mosart212

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet the Twins

So up until 6:43am on Feb. 24, 2010, my favorite twins in the world were the Bassbin Twins, followed by the Drumattic Twins. Hell, my wife and I rearranged our honeymoon to catch the Bassbin Twins in Las Vegas at Club Ice (sidebar: thanks for representing for my honeymoon, Bassbin Twins)!...All that changed when my wife gave birth to OUR twins, Paloma and Bodhi. Words cannot describe how amazing an experience it is, and how proud I am to be a father (or how amazingly sleep deprived I am after a day and a half of doublemint duty!).

DJ Recon, the mad genius behind Monkeys for Helping, suggested a few weeks ago that, in honor of the birth of my twins, I should do a twins themed mix (Recon is an "ideas man," as they say in the "biz," a mad scientist with the ideas and the lazers and the test tubes with the bubbles and the electricity and the bunsen burners and the 1.21 jigowatts). What better reason to collect all of my favorite Bassbin/Drumattic Twins songs in one place and melt faces in honor of the twins that melt hearts (that might sound corny, but when you meet these kids, I DARE you not to turn into a cooing teary-eyed mess. They are fucking adorable!). I even snuck a Capoeira Twins track in there too to round out the theme.

You can peep the divshare player below, download directly using the link below, OR, impress your friends and neighbors and sign up for the podcast service directly to your iPod or Zune by following the instructions posted on the upper left of this page.

Don't be a singleton, meet the twins....

mantisounds - meet the twins

1. bassbin twins - the dogs
2. bassbin twins - gun down
3. capoeira twins - to the dawn of the day (slyde remix)
4. drumattic twins - under the lights
5. drumattic twins - sound of the drum
6. evil nine - crooked (bassbin twins remix)
7. aquasky & the drumattic twins - bring it on down
8. mr. no hands vs bassbin twins - adrenaline
9. drumattic twins - twister
10. drumattic twins - the flunk
11. drumattic twins - big buddha
12. drumattic twins - feelin' kinda strange (bass kleph & nick thayer remix)
13. bassbin twins - UFB2
14. bassbin twins - the ruffest
15. deejay punk-roc - my beatbox (bassbin twins busted my beatbox remix)
16. bassbin twins - woppa
17. bassbin twins - whistle choon

Friday, February 12, 2010


(pix by =surround)

So it's my turn to rock your iPods, and for this mix I've gone back to what I know: jackin' beats and funky breakdowns. This mix is awash in BASS and I tried to keep the intensity high throughout. I also made a conscious effort to make this mix familiar and new at the same time; thus, lots of remixes of songs y'all can sing along to. A little Sir Mixalot, some Run DMC, a bit o' Stevie Wonder and some Lionel Ritchie, even a remix of that Robin S classic "Show Me Love." Oh, and a bit of a "fuck you" to Henry Rollins by AC Slater, flipping one of Rollins' more obnoxious "spoken word" rants into a face-melting bassed up workout! (Sidebar: I fucking HATE Henry Rollins!).

Anyhoo, as always, you can enjoy the mix with the embedded flash player below, and even download it from divshare if that makes you happy, but what makes la MoDa happy is when you sign up for the podcast by following the instructions on the top right of this page. It's easy, it's fun, and it blasts our weekly mix madness straight into your iTunes/iPod! While it might cause you to accellerate out of control, or stop you from braking properly, we promise we won't have to issue a recall!

mantisounds - knowhow

1. A1 Bassline - 8oh8
2. Hostage - Achtung!
3. Joakim - Watermelon Bubbalicious (torro Torro Party Remix)
4. Rye Rye ft. MIA - Bang (WTF I Asked for a Kuduro Remix by Buraka Som Sistema)
5. Young MC - Knowhow (Stanton Warriors Edit)
6. AC Slater - Play the Record Again
7. Sir Mixalot - I Like Big Butts (Tom EQ's Cellulite Edit)
8. Run DMC - It's Like That (2 Bit Thugs Remix)
9. Don Nola - Roasted & Toasted
10. Curtis B - Cough and Choke ft. Mafioso
11. DJ Dan & Hatiras - Drop Hits (DJ Dan Unreleased Mix)
12. Black Noise - Knock You Out (Kik the Break VIP)
13. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It (Philly Blunt Mix)
14. Robin S - Show Me Love (Redlight Remix)
15. Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke (Dirty Monkeez Remix)
16. Lionel Richie - All Night Long (Rico Tubbs Remix)

Direct link to MP3

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog Daze aka Absurdity Redux

February 2nd, 2010
Dear diary, I am writing from the future. it is very weird here.

absurdity redux

direct link

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dub Intentions

So even though it's Mo's turn to post, and even though he's sitting on a couple of hot new mixes that he's posted on Facebook already (calling you OUT, homie), I'm going to go out of turn and post another new mix for the masses. It's another dubstep set, starts pretty mellow but builds into a pretty noisy climax. I'm digging the dubstep coming out of Giant Pussy Records right now, and used a bunch of tracks from that label on this mix (the Ed Solo remix being a particularly heady vintage). I broke out the Kaoss pad again, I'm really starting to enjoy incorporating effects into the mix. Hopefully it adds a little flair, and alla y'allz enjoy it too.

mantisounds - dub intentions

1. chromeo - night by night (skream remix)
2. miike snow - black and blue (caspa remix)
3. robert miles - children (hxdb remix)
4. deadmau5 & kaskade - i remember (caspa remix)
5. interpartysystem - last night in brooklyn (numbernin6 remix)
6. lea luna 0 leaving for mars (b. rich remix)
7. artful dodger ft. craig david - rewind (havocndeed remix)
8. 321 vs tim healey and deekline - bring it back (ed solo and jfb remix)
9. the partysquad - murderer (diplo & jayou remix)
10. tinny - zingolo (doorly remix)
11. perfection & will streetwise - tough old colin
12. ac slater - calm down
13. felguk vs tim healey - rio (jfb remix)
14. sidney samson ft. wizard sleeve - riverside (lets go)(breakage remix)
15. simian mobile disco ft. beth ditto - cruel intentions (joker remix)
16. stripper ft. dj omega - stripper theme (akira kiteshi remix)
17. tim healey and tai - pocket rocket (tes la rok remix)
18. fast eddie - yo yo get funkky (crissy criss remix)
19. j-break - 24 hours (curtis b remix)