Sunday, June 13, 2010


i cant remember which pill i was supposed to take. was i supposed to take the red pill? damn! i knew i shouldnt have smoked before coming to this weird motherfucker's house with this weird ass white girl. ok ok ok, concentrate. ok, so one of these pills takes me back to my apartment and the other - wait this shady ass clown didnt even tell me what would happen if i took the other one. fuck. i knew one day this would happen. i'm too trusting. drugs, pills shit, thats all i was thinking about at the time. hot chick, weird pills, whats the harm, i thought. i didnt think tho that i'd be give some magic shit, beat to death, chopped up, and stuffed into the freezer at some leather fetishists dingy apartment in - wait, where the hell is this place anyway? shit! are we still in rochester? damn, damn, damn... i think its the blue pill. i think he said if i take the blue one i can go back to my normal life. i think...oh snap i just remembered i made a new mix for the blog! shit i gotta get back and post that. i let a week slide by last time before i reposted, cant let that happen again. i wonder what kind of music these weirdos listen to, prolly some hardcore bullshit ass techno garbage or something like that. techno is for lovers. i read that somewhere, like on a bumper sticker or something. where the hell are those two? where'd they disappear to? i cant tell if i think the girl is hot or not. i mean she's kinda ghostly-white, but in like a hot way. i wonder if they are sleeping together. if like, this is some sort of weirdo sicko thing where she brings people back to the crib and tell them to take all sorts of different colored pills and then BAM! next thing you know... i hope i find a funny picture to put up with my post. i gotta get out of here pronto. what if there was like, one person, you know, one person anxiously awaiting the newest mix post. that'd be cool. real cool...