Sunday, August 29, 2010

A rap tape - really?

Yes.... on this edition of la moda mixtapes i try my hand at a rap mixtape. this one finds me at the junction of violence and consciousness, objectification and praise. i love hip hop, but i dont always like what i hear or what i see. and yet... there are those instances in which i want to hear the nihilism, i want it in my life. tough days at work are made that much more easier by a little NWA on the way home. this mix is about my inner struggle with a form of art that doesnt always love me back. parts old school, experimental, on the fly, and autobiographical, i hope you enjoy this trip with my inner spirits... the good and the bad.... the sacred and the profane... puts some diamonds and rubies on the cover yo, it'll sell a million copies....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

at the clay studio

i was at the clay studio with my wife. she was making glaze. i brought in my gear and i made a mix. art begets art.