Tuesday, September 13, 2011


took this one back to '94. what!?! I asked my boy Mo the other day, "Do they make classics anymore?" Well, do they? 

That was the theme of this mix, the question I pondered. Classics. Means something different to everyone, right?

I'm not saying every song on this mix is a classic, but they sure is a grip of electro jams, nu skool breaks, and techfunk classics from MY formative years sprinkled throughout. Classics should be able to stand next to a track from last week and bark back at 'em, hold their own, right? Never leave your crates, right?  A lot of these never leave mine (or wouldn't, if I ever left my basement or still carried crates...) 

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Relaunch is imminent.  

Stay tuned....

1.  B.L.I.M. - Loonies (2003, TCR)
2.  Stanton Warriors - Dakota (2011, Punks)
3.  Thunderball - Rio Mescalito (Mexicans with Guns Remix) (2011, CDR)
4.  Florence and the Machine - Drumming Song (Boy 8-bit Remix) (2010, CDR)
5.  Left/Right & Digital Pizza - Organizized (Hunter Vaughn Remix) (2011, Sound of Habib)
6.  Adam Freeland and Kevin Beber pres. Street Technique - Down (1998, Ultimatum Breaks)
7.  Steve Bug vs. DJ T - Monsterbaze (2000, Poker Flat Recordings)
8.  DJ Tokyo - Soul Oddity (1996, Astralwerks)
9.  Rebirth (Xpando & DJ Trance) - Go Off (1994, Bassex)
10. Metro LA - Hold Your Wig (Bassbin Twins 96 Remix) (2011, CDR)
11. Freestyle - It's Automatic (Dastrix Remix) (2000, Pandisc)
12. Ming & FS - the Human Condition (2001, OM Records)
13. The Martin Brothers - Duck Face (Elmo is Dead & HEDS DubDuck Edit)(2010, CDR)
14. The Young Punx - Ready for the Fight (the Young Punx Gutter Remix)(2010, MofoHifi Records)
15. Groove Diggerz - Rock Da Beat (2010, ADHD Digital)
16. Daft Punk - TRON Legacy (Adam Freeland's 303 Remix) (2011, Marine Parade)