Monday, February 20, 2012

mosart's got an album

mosart212 (me) has released an album. its pretty incredible. the feedback on the album has been surreal - in the last week i have spoken/chatted/emailed with some of my musical heros and people who have inspired me - mosart212 chatting with Mike Gao....?! yupp.

The album has been in the works for a couple of years. i had a lot of people basically saying the same thing to me - "dont be a fucking dumbass... get your stuff together and put out an album. its gonna be good." and so i did and it is !

a lot of other people were kinda freaking out about me giving it away for free, but i felt that was the way it had to be for my (re)introduction to the world. i dont feel right charging people for the album, i didnt feel like "grinding" and selling the shit out the trunk uh my car. no disrespect to those who go after it in that way, but thats an avenue i jut didnt wanna tread down, at least not this early in the game. blah, blah, artistic integrity, blah, blah, blah, from my heart, blah, blah, blah enjoy it.

for now you can download the album for free, or give a donation, here
as of this writing there have been close to 800 plays on the tracks in just one week. feel free to pass the album on, blog it, repost it, share it, steal it, give it away. let it be free.




Saturday, February 11, 2012


We here at La MoDa will be picking up our posting schedule in 2012, providing more of the same great dj mixes you've come to expect from Mantisounds and Mosart212.  First up from Mantisounds for 2012 is a 20 track mix of deep dubby bubbly dubstep and future garage from me.  Starts low and stays low, I hope you enjoy!

1.  Modeselektor ft. Paul St. Hillaire - Let Your Love Grow
2.  Radikal Guru - Wisdom Dub
3.  J:Kenzo and Rod Azlan - Ruffhouse
4.  Truth - Perfect Combination
5.  An-ten-nae - What the Fuk
6.  Phaeleh - Soulfunk
7.  Freestylers - Say Yes (Jinx In Dub Remix)
8.  Phaeleh - Broken
9.  Silkie - New York City
10. J:Kenzo - Therapy
11. Woz - Junky
12. Schlatchthofbronx - We Nah Fraid
13. Skream & Silkie - Untitled
14. Skream - XMAS Day Swagger
15. Dutty Dubz - Structured Madness
16. A-Track & DJ Zinc - Stingray (Benga Remix)
17. RQM - Atomic Fusion (Son of Kick Remix)
18. Daft Punk - One More Time (George Lenton Remix)
19. Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)
20. Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)