Saturday, May 23, 2009

a score to settle

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Hey kids! time for some genre breaking experimentation. i introduce to you all the “Young Junius Mixtape” wherein i team up with writer and internet blog/podcast/publishing machine Seth Harwood. Seth and i had been talking for a while about hooking up and creating a project together. He sent me the first chapter of his latest novel, and i sat and listened, and listened, and listened some more, then i broke out the computer, went into the DJ room of my modest crib, and boom! this is what happened. So here is what it is – it’s a soundtrack, and score, and a mood enhancer. Its what I hear when I hear Seth’s Young Juny story. This marks my entry into my foray at scoring stories. i love stories, i love writing them, i love reading them. So let me know what yalls think, some feedbacks, some critique, its all good, its all welcome. And please go over to Seth’s site and peep my boy, and his technique, its real fancy. become a Palm Daddy or a Palm Momma, its for your own good kiddies. as for this mix, there are several layers of beats used to create one textural soundscape – track list available to those who email me at . enjoy this… i am seriously psyched about this. oh and that "one other guy" Seth is talking about when he refers to the La MoDa team, is none other than world famous, dj extraodinaire, and bff4eva, Mantisounds.... yaherd!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nifty Symmetry

pic:  mydeadpony

Generally speaking, when Mo and I spin out together, we play a lot of funk, downtempo, midtempo, reggae, and hip hop, with some dancier stuff thrown in towards the end for good measure.  So a lot of times, when I wake up on Sunday mornings and I want to mix for a while, I tend to play the complete opposite:  bassed up, tweaked out, razor sharp breakbeats and electro.  I've got a soft spot for big room breaks, as regular followers of this blog have learned.  Unfortunately, it's a relatively under-represented sound out there in clubland/blogworld (but if anyone wants to remedy a ninja, I got breaks for days!).  

Anyhoo, this mix offers up my usual go-to breakbeat suspects:  a couple of Bassbin Twins tracks and remixes, some Stanton Warriors, a couple of Finger Lickin' Records heavy hitters (Drumattic Twins, Soul of Man), some of my favorite classic Marine Parade joints (Apex, 9 Nickel).  I worked a Basement Jaxx track in there in honor of their impending new release (get out there and cop that, kids!), and also managed to get two, count 'em TWO tracks by Bassnectar into this set list (one of the most slept on producers in breaks).  And I finish this one off with a classic breaks staple in Easy B's "Found the Gonzo" which brings me back to 1998 (first heard this track on a Jesse mix tape in college).  

 I'd say this one's more of a "still up from Saturday night" kind of Sunday morning mix.  I'm pretty stoked about it, though, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.  I know Kenny and Recon and Melnick and TBoo Ted Marshall will know what I'm talking about (what what?!?)...

1. basement jaxx - nifty
2. bassnectar - yo (speaker junk's jackin brazillian rave mix)
3. bassbin twins - 80808 dub
4. chicken lips - he not in (stanton warriors remix)
5. bassnectar - interpret
6. stir fry - breakin in the streets (stir fry re-fry)
7. drumattic twins - invincible bass
8. krafty kuts & C5 joyriders - take it
9. apex - symmetry (bassbin twins edit)
10. deekline & wizard - all your love (ills mix)
11. dbx presents dub techniques part II - no return
12. 9 nickel - capricorn
13. bassbin twins - E.S.W.
14. soul of man - killer brew (killa mix)
15. stanton warriors ft. the beatnuts - shake it up
16. easy b - found the gonzo

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project Hit Record: Trouble Man

(image: tonypapesh)

I saw Mo's last post and thought the "one and done" approach to mixes might be a cool little project (if nothing else a project to consciously battle the OCD/perfectionism/second guessing instincts that most djs suffer from in varying degrees), so I tried my hand at it. I won't lie, I did it last night, and so even though I'm posting the mix as rendered, no mulligans, no obsessing over set lists, just press record and get going, I did give it a listen before posting (is that cheating?). I'm pretty pleased with the turnout, notwithstanding a few battles I had with some disco tracks that didn't want to stay mixed. I also worked in a track that my boys Recon and Earthrok threw down a few years ago called "Bikini Island" under the Lucha Libre moniker. The hook is in Catalan, so I have no idea what those ladies are saying, except I know it has something to do with Ibiza and it always reminds me of summer.

1. trouble man intro
2. chaka khan - fate (todd terje edit)
3. beatfanatic - let us pray
4. beatfanatic - music (Remix)
5. dr. rubberfunk - beats working
6. chris joss - wrong alley street (part 1)(fort knox five remix)
7. brothers johnson - aint we funkin' now (todd terje radio mix)
8. all good funk alliance - top brass
9. featurecast - disco diesel
10. mark ronson - stop me (chicken lips remix)
11. the legion of doom - crazy as she goes
12. u-tern - give it up
13. earth wind and fire - system of survival (ok ma re-edit)
14. the karminsky experience inc. - belly disco (beatfanatic remix)
15. beatfanatic - how deep (deep love remix)
16. omegaman - disco love (featurecast remix)
17. neighbour - pistachio ride
18. omegaman - super hi-fi funk (b-team remix)
19. lucha libre - bikini island
20. krafty kuts & a skillz - happiness