Saturday, May 23, 2009

a score to settle

direct link to mix
Hey kids! time for some genre breaking experimentation. i introduce to you all the “Young Junius Mixtape” wherein i team up with writer and internet blog/podcast/publishing machine Seth Harwood. Seth and i had been talking for a while about hooking up and creating a project together. He sent me the first chapter of his latest novel, and i sat and listened, and listened, and listened some more, then i broke out the computer, went into the DJ room of my modest crib, and boom! this is what happened. So here is what it is – it’s a soundtrack, and score, and a mood enhancer. Its what I hear when I hear Seth’s Young Juny story. This marks my entry into my foray at scoring stories. i love stories, i love writing them, i love reading them. So let me know what yalls think, some feedbacks, some critique, its all good, its all welcome. And please go over to Seth’s site and peep my boy, and his technique, its real fancy. become a Palm Daddy or a Palm Momma, its for your own good kiddies. as for this mix, there are several layers of beats used to create one textural soundscape – track list available to those who email me at . enjoy this… i am seriously psyched about this. oh and that "one other guy" Seth is talking about when he refers to the La MoDa team, is none other than world famous, dj extraodinaire, and bff4eva, Mantisounds.... yaherd!

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