Thursday, December 31, 2009

Money Beets for 2010

Damn, December 31. Another year down. 2009 was the year La MoDa Mixtapes really took off, but also the year half of La MoDa relocated to Rochester, NY (sniffle, pour some of my Colt 45 onto my carpet). 2009 saw the inauguration of the first black president, and then 10 months of thinly-veiled racism, know-nothingism, and general bad behavior by the forces of evil (yup, I said it). 2009 gave us Balloon Boy, John & Kate +8, Tiger Woods the D-Bag, and Sarah Palin the bestselling author (that was difficult to type). 2009 was also a tough year economically, especially for my people in New York, who saw Wall Street rewarded for screwing us all while Main Street (or Flatbush Ave., or Washington Street, or wherever you live) was struggling to make rent on unemployment and looking for jobs that still haven't called back. As much garbage as 2009 gave us, it also took from us: MJ, DJ AM, Roc Raida, Ted Kennedy, Les Paul, Walter Cronkite, Swayze, the list goes on.

All in all, I say "f*ck 2009, bring on 2010!" I'm about to be a dad, La MoDa mixtapes is getting its geographically-challenged groove back, and 2010 is looking to be a much better year. So with that in mind, here's a little party mix to kick 2009 in the ass and lay a big sloppy kiss on 2010. I figured since Mo switched it up with his (bangin') fancy dancey mix for the last installment, I'd lower my BPM and give y'all something that goes well with party dresses and champagne flutes. It starts out classy but definitely gets sweaty by the time the ball drops...

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mantisounds - money beet$

1. jay z - walk away (alex goose instrumental)

2. sade - soldier of love

3. speech debelle - better days revox ft. wiley

4. lauren hill ft. method man - say

5. wale - letter ft. john mayer

6. fort knox 5 - blowing up the spot (instrumental)

7. debilorithmicos - i'm out ft. cise star and akin

8. common ft. lily allen - drivin' me wild

9. the roots - duck down

10. jay z - roc boys (alex goose remix)

11. the revenge - curtis

12. freddie cruger - bap yo head ft. rapadon

13. emiliana torrini - me and armini (simone lombardi mix)

14. marvin gaye - what's goin on (beatnick & k-salaam remix)

15. rox - my baby left me

16. alicia keys - karma (karmastition remix)

17. people under the stairs - hit the top


Bring on 2010!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not so Unhappy

this time around i go for some fancy dancey type stuff in this mix. i started a new job and i have been in a good mood lately. snows starting to fall in the roch. its freezing here. i finally decided that i am going to throw my hat into the dj game come the new year. yup, hit up the clubz in the roch and bring the La MoDa flavor to the masses. wish me luck. i hope yalls enjoy this mix cause i certainly had a blast spinning it out... peace! my serato is acting a fool and it wont let me save my histories, which long story short means no tracklist again... this problem will be fixed soon i hope!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's my turn on the mixtape, and since I'm in the middle of unpacking a new apartment, I'm going to offer up a mix I threw together about a month ago. It's sort of a change of pace for me: dubstep. This mix spans different flavors of dubstep, from more reggae influenced tunes to bass heavy remixes of songs you'll recognize (the Bassnectar rerub of Groove Armada's "Superstylin" is ill, and I'm enjoying all the remixes of "Heads Will Roll"), to half speed rave anthems (the Ed Solo track). And since this IS a Mantisounds mix, you know I had to switch it up and drop a few breaks tracks at the end for good measure (the Collie Budz bootleg is fire, definitely listen through the end). I also broke out my miniKaoss pad and played with some filters throughout the mix. Dubstep is a genre that lends itself to effects and filters, and I think this mix came out pretty well with that layer of Kaoss effects.

Don't forget to sign up for the La MoDa Mixtapes podcast, and drop your comments here. Feedback always appreciated.

Mantisounds - dubwreckah by Mantisounds

1. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Doorly's Dubstep Remix)
2. Ed Solo - Age of Dub
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (LA Boxers Dub Remix)
4. Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (JSaxton's Scared Remix)
5. Bassnectar - Art of Revolution x Superstylin
6. the Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix)
7. Bassbin Twins - Whistle Choon
8. Malente & Dex ft. New Kidz - Lions (Bassnectar & Ill Gates Remix)
9. True Tiger - Bare Face What
10. Bar9 - Murda Sound
11. Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Future (FreQ Nasty's Otto Gives Thanks Mix)
12. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (Lulu Rouge Edit)
13. Jinx in Dub - 10 Tonne Riddim (Phaeleh Remix)
14. Rusko - Sound Guy is My Target
15. Kouncilhouse - Rock Beat
16. Shane the Cutter - Blood Runs
17. DJ Deekline & Ed Solo - Come Booty Collie Breaks

Friday, November 27, 2009

Time for a Digestif!

wow, so much turkey. food. everywhere. i gained 2o pounds in a week just using my mouth! write in to and i will tell you the amazing secrets doctors and the government dont want you to know! thats right, 20 pounds in one week!

heres my version of a workout: tracks + mixer + alcohol = new mix for the week + peace of mind... let this mix take you out of it, bring you back to last night when you swore you'd never eat that much again and your significant other congratulated you for not knocking out (insert annoying relative of choice here) even tho they kept baiting you. this mix right here, its smooth, buttery, full of phat beats and groovy aromas. love it! give thanks for great music perfectly curated...

Digestif ala Mosart


no track list for this one. if this bugs you to the point where you wanna email me about it -DONT!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where Them Dimes At?

It's time for another installment of "Polar Opposites," where Mo drops a smooth, buttery downtempo set and I follow it up with jackin' gut-thumping electro madness! I'm in the process of packing for a move at the end of the month, so I've been listening to music that keeps your brain humming and filling boxes with junk. I've been feeling a lot of fidgety house and vocal/booty breaks lately, and wanted to put together a really high energy breaks/bass mix with some of my favorites. I tried to keep it big-room and bass-heavy, with more of a hip hop feel (lots of samples and bootlegs with vocals), and I'm really pleased with how the mix turned out. I included a few current Stanton Warriors stompers, some Krafty Kuts re-rubs, a few 2 Bit Thug remixes, and a few facemelters from Hostage.

Make sure to sign up for our podcasts (instructions in the box at the top right of the page) to get La MoDa mixtapes each week piping hot out' the oven....

Mantisounds - where them dimes at? by Mantisounds

1. Rico Tubbs - Gangsters (2 Bit Thugs Rerub - Dirty)
2. Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim
3. Hostage - I Get High
4. DJ Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (Tim Healey & Deekline Remix)
5. Decibel vs Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Krafty Kuts Re-rub)
6. Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats (2 Bit Thugs Remix)
7. Hostage - Badman Sound
8. The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)
9. Mightyfools - We Want (DJ Icey Recon Remix 2)
10. Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (DJ Icey Remix)
11. Farace & J2K - Booty Aint a Thang
12. Hoxton Whores - Friday Saturday Love (Breaks Mix Vocal)
13. Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. - Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix)
14. Major Lazer - Hold the Line (Golden Gloves Wobble n Shake Remix)
15. Ctrl Z vs The Freestylers - Ruffneck '09 ft. Navigator (RackNRuin Remix)
16. Krafty Kuts v Draxx & Seavers - Rude Boys (Krafty Kuts Re-rub)
17. DJ Motion - Beatz 4 Me
18. Stanton Warriors ft. Gus Gus - Blue (Vocal Version)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

its my turn to do my thang

i think folks who know me would agree that i am the most easy going and yet the most freaked out, anxiety prone dude they might know. Because of that and some other shit on the periph, i have been facing some serious “mixers block” and it has taken me a good while to create something that I am proud of. And here it is. Of course, i just reheard it myself and i hate it, but hopefully you wont feel the same way. But let me know aight. Cause i do it for you.

So what do we have here? we’ve got a real cheesy intro from a terrible short film called “ghost rider” , followed by one of my favorite hall and oatmeal jams - also one of method man’s favoritos… then its on to the pregnant pauses, brief stops and experimentation with noise, i straight up switch directions a few times, and I throw everything into this one, including my kitchen sink which is clogged right now cause i am in too funky of a mood to do anything about it. Just kidding. i think….

direct link to mix



METHOD OD MODERN LOVE – hall and oates

STREETWISE – funkdust


COLD SPIN – kid loco

COCO LOVES THE WAY YOU DO IT (mosart212 blend) – the warheads/ black eyed peas

BETTINA - bola seta

RANA – fat jon

TRACK 7 NIHON/NOIR – the warheads

TWO LETTER ALIBI – chewey benson

PELICAN – ocote soul sounds and Adrian Quesada

NIGHT FIDELITY (mosart212) – regina spektor/ pearlcoder

PARTY (mosart212 interfearance from space edit)– sporto kantes

LAUREL MARTY SCRAPINGS (mosart212 put the breaks on edit) – dirty elegance

JDILLABEAT 11 – j dilla

FOR THE CITY (instr.) – statik selektah

STRIP CLUB – jaylib

SAMBA TRANQUILLE – thievery corporation

MISTER MAGIC – grover Washington jr.


HOOK AND SLING – eddie bo

THE PLUG (mosart212 xtra sauce and sounds fast edit) – bonobo

DIRTY BUCK NUCLEUS (mosart212 blend) – newcleus / dirty elegance / dj spanish fly


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back from the Dead!

We're BACK! What a summer! The Mighty Mosart moved to Rochester, NY, so Boston's loss is upstate NY's gain. Mrs. Mantis got pregnant with twins, so my whole world has been turned upside down and inside out, in a good way. Summer seemed like one long rainstorm between spring and autumn, now the leaves are falling, and the wind is picking up, and the La MoDa collective is recommitting to hunker down and get back to slangin' them beats!

While we haven't been posting much on the blog (or, for that matter, in our podcast feedburner), both Mo and I have been busy all summer making mixes, cooking up reedits, and dipping our toes in the world of original production, and we'll be sharing the fruits of those labors in the coming weeks and months. We'll probably do a quick round of housekeeping soon, and get some of our better mixes onto the blog and into the podcast feeders, so fear not, fans and followers. This long hiatus will not be for naught!

I'm going to start things off with my favorite breakbeat mix of the summer. Tracklist and direct link to the mp3 is below, flash player embedded for your immediate listening pleasure, and instructions for signing up for the podcast are located at the top right of this page. Hit us up with feedback if you feel inclined!

1. NAPT - Heart of Stone
2. ILS - Hate is an Illness (NAPT Remix)
3. Drumattic Twins - Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte Remix)
4. Bird Peterson - Bird Goes Off
5. Tittsworth - WTF ft. Kid Sister & Pase Rock (Deekline & Tim Healy Remix)
6. Splitloop - Party People (Adsorb Remix)
7. BreakZhead - Going On (Jurassik Remix)
8. Future Funk Squad - Blow ft. Mojo
9. Brothers Bud - The Sting
10. Chemical Brothers - (Saturate (Stanton Warriors Remix)
11. BSD - Get Hype on This
12. Ed Solo & Skool of Thought - When I Was a Yout (Krafty Kuts Remix)
13. The Arsonist - Gimme My (Slim Blue Mix)
14. Si Begg - The Bleeps
15. LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator (Stanton Warriors Remix)
16. Kid Digital - It's True
17. A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first "real" review! and a "new" mixtape!

Hey hey hey, wass happenin?!
Here is a double dose of good shit. First up is my review of the "Goose Bumps 3.0" compilation. The hugely successful series is homegrown in Maine and spans the globe in terms of talent. This one is a keeper! Scroll down after the review for info on how you can cop the album. Next up we have a "new" mixtape. not really actually new since some jerk named "mo nunez" leaked that shit on the faceboob "networking" site. asshole. this mix is off the heazy for reezy my ninjas and ninjarettes. as they say in the hood, it is "offishal" i think they still say that; they still say that right? will one of my two black friends get back to me and let me know if they still say that in the hood? word. and yes that is "facts of life" right at the start, my neezies!

Review Of Goose Bumps 3.0
Memo to Nas, hip hop aint dead and neither is good music
by moises nunez
The first thing that stands out when you listen to Milled Pavement’s new triple disc extravaganza, Goose Bumps 3.0, is the production. This is not “oh yeah, me and my boy have a label… yeah we put out records…” this is something we have not heard from the majors, and dare I say it, the indies as well; Goose Bumps 3.0 will redefine "top quality" after the first listen. The beats alone make the album a 2009 stand out. They are rich but not overdone. The layering on downtempo gems like, Idepth’s “pt.2 continuity of dawn” is not overdone, something that is symptomatic with today’s crop of electroblog, bedroom producers. Old school beats, bordering on trip-hop darkness, and employing some great samples, keep the instrumentals on the album from becoming 4 minutes of boredom. They remind me of when downtempo was first coming on the scene here in the states, after it had its way with Europe, and groups like Portishead, Tricky, and Massive Attack, made us nod our heads and contemplate their sadness at the same time. DJ Pain 1’s “every raindrop” with the beautifully dramatic hook, and XNDL’s “Mila Maria” are a return to form. Goose Bumps 3.0 doesn’t dive into the ambient pool just to swim with the synth waves, and the hold the sustain button on their midi controllers, no my friend, they stretch the boundaries of ambient, and keep challenging your understanding of “beat music”; tracks like, “4th Dimension Contact” by Marcelo Martins aka mars 78, and “Everyone Is A Part Of Me” by Fraud Fix, offer new pieces of audio information for you to contemplate with each spin.

On the Hip Hop side, the kids smash the line between Hip Hop and Rap by putting together an incredible lineup of hungry, creative, and most refreshing of all, genre bending mcs. The worst part of the American hip hop scene right now is how boring the whole thing is. We can easily admit that at this point in time the differences between Republicans and Democrats exists only in our preferences, well its time to say the same about the rap game. There is no divide between underground and commercial, we may wish there was, but when your “underground" mc’s are on the mic rapping about how they hate the commercial mcs, and how they “continue to keep it real”, and your commercial mcs are on the mic “rapping” about how many women they get or how they have “Arab money” or something (there’s always something!) equally as ingnant as that, where is the difference? Goose Bumps 3.0 avoids all clich├ęs. The compilation is not content with one style of rap or one style of mc. They bring us a United Nations-like roster, which would make Nas rethink his statement, “hip hop is dead.” The standouts here standout from the entire rap game. When thinking of comparisons, off-the-beaten-path mcs and groups come to mind, like Radioinactive, Busdriver, Murs, and Plan B. On Goose Bumps 3.0 acts like Coffin Cutters, Lexington + Whatevski, Syn The Shaman, and especially the international cats, mc’s like Materpfahl, whose voice drips with the love of rhyming that was once a prerequisite for any mc, will keep your hope alive.

Goose Bumps spans 3 discs, and 44 songs making it a hefty bundle that bristles under the constraint of being put into genre’s; it blends musical lexicons, styles, and arrangements to create new head bopping, best-of-all-worlds amalgamations. Moshe & Dilly Dilly’s “Senseless” is a wonderfully complex mix of interesting downtempo/ambient beats, and hard to decipher but easy to enjoy lyrics, delivered by a beautiful voice, that begs you to figure out just what Dilly is lamenting. Speaking of beautiful voices, Miss Fairchild’s, Daddy Wrall’s, lends his young Stevie-like voice, to C Money Burn’s exquisitely produced, “Hook, Line, and Singer”; the dude may be singing the same thing over and over again for two and half minutes, but I could listen to Mr. Wrall sing about anything for as long as he wanted me to. And therein lies the genius of the Goose Bumps 3.0 compilation – its not just the hooks, or the beats, which are well above the current bar, it’s the creativity on display that makes this compilation worth copping. Sure you might say “wow, that track by sMoKey 131, kinda sounds like Daedelus,” but if it does, its only because it reminds you of the creativity and ingenuity on high display when an artist doesn’t care what label they are on, what the MTV audience will think, or what product will this song best represent. There are no ring tones on Goose Bumps 3.0. Nuff Said.

want more info? wanna buy this album? wanna be a good human and support local talent? check this out:

and now for something completely different:

When I feel most ashamed of my age group
see more Funny Graphs

Friday, July 10, 2009

pop is king dead of the

this is for the weekend, for you to get ready, get dressed, get sharp. put this on and let it put you in a funking good mood. we start off with some classics reworked and made funkier. my man j-e-l brings the noise as he usually does, in his somewhat melodic, yet off the grid type beat making style. i am a huge fan of the 3 mcs on the next track, a blend I did in real time (in one take!) to me the best thing about all 3 of them is that they seem to be in on the joke – hip hop is beyond bloviated, so lets have some fun with the machismo, bravado, and hyperbole. Donald Byrd’s trumpet makes me want to have sex. It reminds me of the scene in Brave New World, when Bernard sees a Sexaphone performance. Yeah, sexaphone. awesome. i have played the Grand Ole Party track a couple of times out and about and almost always someone asks if its some undiscovered white stripes joint. It aint. but its that good. Its also unmastered and mega dirty. I don’t usually go for “underground mcs” i think they are pretentious and despite their bgi vocabularies, are usually full of empty rhetoric, but cool calm pete, almost always delivers, and this one is one of his bests. that Deejay OM track IS off the hook. Exploiting bangrah, and bollywood culture, repackaging it for ignant amerrikans, brilliant. It all sounds funny, its irony meter is off the charts, so it must be good right? OM is followed by a tribute to king of pop remixed by the kings of hip hop beatmaking. Then its onto the best rapper alive right now. yeah I said it ad the mofo don’t even speak English. Everytime i hear residente open his mouth i wish more people spoke Spanish. he raps primarily about food and sex, but damn its like he has a phd in food and sex. The guy is nothing short of brilliant. i have to be honest about this track - i hardly ever play this track outside of my bedroom. its so full of racist stereotypes that i am always afraid people will miss the point and only “hear” the “funny” accents, but the truth is the dude is dropping some knowledge about how focusing on differences prevents you from seeing similarities. And its funny, cause its so damn ignant. Gal Costa is superb. the outro on this mix comes courtesy of “greascast” a really insane radio show from back in the days, the dj, “the grease” aka “grease” aka “grease man” is a wacko old skool type radio dj – you know in the vein of, wolfman jack and ed lover and - oh what does it matter, you don’t know what I am talking about….

Green peppers (rewhipped edit) – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Angel Eyes (Layo & Bushwacka Mix) – Ella Fitzgerald
Mislead – Jel
Eve’s Garden (mosart212’s xtra sin edit) – Peppe Tucillo/Redman/Ghostface/Ludacris
Interluding – The Warheads / mosart212
Mike Mills – Air
Summer Love – Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds
Look Out Young Son (original demo) – Grand Ole Party
Oye Como Va – Luna Cohen
One Love Karma (ft. Cool Calm Pete) – Morcheeba
The Quiet One (rmx by Broadway Project) – Red Snapper
Hawa Dolo (mosart212’s hookah edit) – Ali Farka Toure
Joy, Oh! Oh! Oh! The Bengal Tiger! – Deejay OM
The Girl is Breakdown – mosart212/ Michael Jackson/ Paul McCartney/ Handsome Boy Modeling School
Japon – Residente Calle 13
Minha Estrela E do Oriente (Tindoro Dindinha) – Gal Costa
Lazy Bones outro – mosart212

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away Mixtape

It stopped raining. i think it stopped because i made this mix to appease the Rain Gods. vengeful bastards that they are... I keep telling them it was all an accident but they wont listen, nope, kept that rain coming for almost a month straight. this mix goes out to all you office workers out there where its still actually thursday... loosen those nooses and zone out to dis one my damies, no piddy on the runnee kine, sayn...

sorry for the delay but track list to be included laters

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shed a Tear

(pic: iri5)

As Mo has apologized profusely for our extended hiatus, I won't double up on explanations and rationalizations (plus most of you get the podcasts and probably haven't read a word we've written in MONTHS). I'll simply state that La MoDa is settling in for the summer after being in flux for a bit, and we're glad to be back. We've got some more dj dates lined up this summer (tag team and individual medley events), and I figure now is as good a time as any to promote some of those dates (and hit you off with another fresh mix).

First and foremost, Mo and I are still holding it down at the Independent in Union Square, Somerville. Friendliest staff in Boston, great food, a top notch ever-changing menu of good beer, and periodic visits by the Boston Cookie Brigade. Come see us sometime, quick, before the summer's over!

We're also trying to keep the Enormous Room monthly gig alive through the summer, though scheduling conflicts have mucked up the works a bit recently. Not sure when our July date will be, but you can count on us bombing your Facebooks and Twitter accounts with updates!

We're also joining the Atomik fellas up in Portland at the Whiteheart on July 17. It's a Friday, not a school night, so really, you've got no excuse. Come by, drink beer, and shake butt. There's free stickers in it for you....

The Butter Brothers are playing every Thursday night at Brian Boru's in Portland until Labor Day, definitely check that out if you get a chance. Since Mo is related to one (or all?) of the Butter Brothers (by marriage AND blood, do the science), he'll be hitting a few of these Thursdays off with his buttery brethren, and we're trying to link up for a "Lightly Toasted La MoDa with extra Butter Brothers" sesh one of these Thursdays. Hopefully we'll have further details soon...

I'm also teaming up with DJ Triple A (safe to say he's a La MoDa "affiliate" and frequent partner in crime) to throw down some beat badness on June 30 at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge for a one-off we're calling "Test Press." It's a bit more up front and loud than me and Mo usually throw down, sticking with techno, breaks, electro, and a little house. If we can get a decent turnout (for a Tuesday in the summer when the kids are gone) we might be able to make it a regular thing, but that's all up to you folks (hint hint)...

In anticipation of Test Press at the Middlesex, I'm offering up a spanking new mix (outright bribe) for all those who may be on the fence about a Tuesday night dance party. Most of the songs are pretty new, almost all breaks, and definitely of the "that bass might blow my speakers!" variety. Please enjoy...

1. bruce lee - be water, my friend

2. ali kay - numb

3. electric soulside - system d

4. tim healey & marc adamo - ghetto blaster (krafty kuts remix)

5. meat katie & d ramirez - stop the revolution (bassbin twins remix)

6. rico tubbs - it gets no better (VEN)

7. general midi - the westerner

8. breakzhead - the lost (ways and means remix)

9. mr. l"apes - skunk burner

10. tayo meets elroy and piper - down under dub

11. deekline & wizard - all your love

12. ed solo & skool of thought - when I was a yout

13. drumattic twins - hyperspeed

14. black canvas - we fear not (12" mix)

15. drumattic twins - broken planet

16. deekline & wizard - dancehall thrilla

17. kouncilhouse & micky finn - shed a tear

direct link to mix

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving units..uhm NO...

hey kids. Its raining. I am a bit bummed. I thought I'd spin a quick nugget of future primitive funky hip hoppity stew for yalls. So who's hungry? We got old school meets new school and blends galore. This is a one shot deal, with minor editing, mostly in the volume control section of post-pro (thats dj talk for "bullshit"). theres a long mix between the phantom beat and that ill Idris instrumental, which i am curious to know what yalls think. i still have not manage to make a mix without some Lali Puna in there (repeat from an earlier mix, sorry). got one of my most favoritist Roots jam, getting the mosart212 blend-treatment. look for that transition where King Brit is talking about love and i transition into a track by LOVE! i end it off with the best track on that double disc from Outkast. which by the way, if it were a contest, Andres 3G blew the lid off the Big Boi disc - yes? enjoy this one as you make dinner tonight, wherever you may be.


Bad Tune (mosart212's out to space redub) - Earth Wind & Fire
Hard To Face The Music - Idris Muhammad
Phantom - Justice
Together In Electric Dreams (mosart's beatific blend) - Lali Puna /Simian Mobile Disco
Rising Before Busting a Move - mosart212 (ft. beat by Tranquilo, lyrics by Young MC)
Here I Rock - mosart212 (ft. beat by Dj Spinna and lyrics by The Roots)
Kings On Time Mix - King Brit
Bummer In The Summer - Love
Endless Flip Flops - mosart212 (ft. beat by Orange, lyrics by Big Boi, Killer Mike, Jay-Z)

track list said and done....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back From The Dead.....

direct link to mix

lots has happened since we last spoke huh? La MoDa played some great shows (big ups to Heather’s Bar NYC! See you again soon) and made some big moves (Rochester here I come). we apologize profusely for keeping yalls waiting so long for new shizz. But here we are ready to start it back again. we will continue to post our “HitRecord” series and we encourage you to check out the first two if you haven’t already. we plan to do that at least once a month. Mantisounds and I have been engaged in some deeply heavy philosophical rhetoric about dj’ing, about music, about doing things for love… the next few mixes and texts we post will reflect some of what we have been thinking, and with that We present to you: “Mosart212 Back From The Dead”

She Moves She (james joyce IS dead edit) – Fourtet /mosart212
Paris (aeroplanes remix) – Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone
Chic Cheer Chic (mosart’s shake that chic edit) – Chic / DJ Holiday
Little Kids Shaking It Up – Mosart212/ Kings Of Convinience
I Don’t Need a Woman Friend (mosart212 edit) – DJ Cam / Chromeo
Running Joke – Katherine Hepburn’s Voice
Ain’t We Funkin’ Now – Brothers Johnson
Jam On The Groove – Ralph MacDonald
Meow - Cat
Messie Bessie – Shirley Scott
Leave Me Alone – Apparat & Ellen Allien
Freeze and Explode – Cassettes Won’t Listen
Slow Down (mosart212’s Kevin HyperSpacey blend) – EPMD / Faust & Shortee
Oh Yeah! (tepr remix) – Housse De Racket
The Quest (mosart212’s J5 verses edit) – Kool Dj Dust
Groovin’ On Sunshine – Ohmega Watts

a couple of notes on this mix:

i have been practicing, i am always practicing, even if it means i mix in my headphones in the car while the wife drives us around as we look for bottles to return to the supermarket in this recession. Sell my dj gear you say? fuck you! i thought i would kick it with some of my tried and true favorites. Some under the radar stuff, and some obscure shizzle that should throw you for a loop. yes, you have heard some of these tracks before, either Mantis has played them or i have, get over it.

i love “the dead” by Joyce, and i thought it was fitting to start a mix about being in hiding with the intro to a book that is about miscommunication, misunderstandings, and in some ways depression. I have been sitting on all of those lately. i wasn’t sure if this was going to be a dancey mixtape, or a cerebral one, a journey, or a chillpill. I threw on good ol’ Kieran aka fourtet, and thought i would see where he would take me next.

Out early last year, also know as KHV, Katherine Hepburns Voice IS hot shit - here is another doosie by thems. Keep an eye out for them.

The brothers Johnson was one of the first record I bought. one of my own first vinyls. up until then all my vinyl was hand me down and/or my mother’s. she had a hot collection, don’t front. you would too if you stopped being 16 for a second and had a baby and then went right back to being 16… i got this record “downtown” and i was already opened and already scratched, but i was so psyched and so stupid/young that i didn’t actually know this till i got back home. so i tried to go back and return it. they laughed in my face. by the by, strawberry letter 23 by the BJ’s still the greatest of all the versions.

for those of you who have never heard of mr. ralph macdonald (because he is often overshadowed by his more famous cousin Ronald) please check out his site and his music. he’s an old school cat who is an incredible percussionist. he fuses jazz with ambient, even before we knew it was called ambient.

i picked up a compilation a couple of years ago called “Thai a go go” mega insane. i will try to drop some more from this compilation in future mixes. i love the tape hiss in this “meow” recording. i imagine a bunch of sweaty thai dudes sitting around a cramped and smokey studio watching this hot momma do her thing, and then asking her to do it again, and again, and again. especially the meowing part.

“leave me alone” is one of my all time favorite songs. beginning with the major crush on allien, and ending with the infatuation of that hook surrounded by those synth strings. Ugh! And of course, don’t we all know what its like to get to that point where all you want is solitude? I want to have sex with the voice on that last ohmega watts’ jam - if i am talking to you hit me up at 212-mad-love.

that “slow down” edit is one of my best.

Period. hollerate - cause we back....!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

a score to settle

direct link to mix
Hey kids! time for some genre breaking experimentation. i introduce to you all the “Young Junius Mixtape” wherein i team up with writer and internet blog/podcast/publishing machine Seth Harwood. Seth and i had been talking for a while about hooking up and creating a project together. He sent me the first chapter of his latest novel, and i sat and listened, and listened, and listened some more, then i broke out the computer, went into the DJ room of my modest crib, and boom! this is what happened. So here is what it is – it’s a soundtrack, and score, and a mood enhancer. Its what I hear when I hear Seth’s Young Juny story. This marks my entry into my foray at scoring stories. i love stories, i love writing them, i love reading them. So let me know what yalls think, some feedbacks, some critique, its all good, its all welcome. And please go over to Seth’s site and peep my boy, and his technique, its real fancy. become a Palm Daddy or a Palm Momma, its for your own good kiddies. as for this mix, there are several layers of beats used to create one textural soundscape – track list available to those who email me at . enjoy this… i am seriously psyched about this. oh and that "one other guy" Seth is talking about when he refers to the La MoDa team, is none other than world famous, dj extraodinaire, and bff4eva, Mantisounds.... yaherd!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nifty Symmetry

pic:  mydeadpony

Generally speaking, when Mo and I spin out together, we play a lot of funk, downtempo, midtempo, reggae, and hip hop, with some dancier stuff thrown in towards the end for good measure.  So a lot of times, when I wake up on Sunday mornings and I want to mix for a while, I tend to play the complete opposite:  bassed up, tweaked out, razor sharp breakbeats and electro.  I've got a soft spot for big room breaks, as regular followers of this blog have learned.  Unfortunately, it's a relatively under-represented sound out there in clubland/blogworld (but if anyone wants to remedy a ninja, I got breaks for days!).  

Anyhoo, this mix offers up my usual go-to breakbeat suspects:  a couple of Bassbin Twins tracks and remixes, some Stanton Warriors, a couple of Finger Lickin' Records heavy hitters (Drumattic Twins, Soul of Man), some of my favorite classic Marine Parade joints (Apex, 9 Nickel).  I worked a Basement Jaxx track in there in honor of their impending new release (get out there and cop that, kids!), and also managed to get two, count 'em TWO tracks by Bassnectar into this set list (one of the most slept on producers in breaks).  And I finish this one off with a classic breaks staple in Easy B's "Found the Gonzo" which brings me back to 1998 (first heard this track on a Jesse mix tape in college).  

 I'd say this one's more of a "still up from Saturday night" kind of Sunday morning mix.  I'm pretty stoked about it, though, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.  I know Kenny and Recon and Melnick and TBoo Ted Marshall will know what I'm talking about (what what?!?)...

1. basement jaxx - nifty
2. bassnectar - yo (speaker junk's jackin brazillian rave mix)
3. bassbin twins - 80808 dub
4. chicken lips - he not in (stanton warriors remix)
5. bassnectar - interpret
6. stir fry - breakin in the streets (stir fry re-fry)
7. drumattic twins - invincible bass
8. krafty kuts & C5 joyriders - take it
9. apex - symmetry (bassbin twins edit)
10. deekline & wizard - all your love (ills mix)
11. dbx presents dub techniques part II - no return
12. 9 nickel - capricorn
13. bassbin twins - E.S.W.
14. soul of man - killer brew (killa mix)
15. stanton warriors ft. the beatnuts - shake it up
16. easy b - found the gonzo

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project Hit Record: Trouble Man

(image: tonypapesh)

I saw Mo's last post and thought the "one and done" approach to mixes might be a cool little project (if nothing else a project to consciously battle the OCD/perfectionism/second guessing instincts that most djs suffer from in varying degrees), so I tried my hand at it. I won't lie, I did it last night, and so even though I'm posting the mix as rendered, no mulligans, no obsessing over set lists, just press record and get going, I did give it a listen before posting (is that cheating?). I'm pretty pleased with the turnout, notwithstanding a few battles I had with some disco tracks that didn't want to stay mixed. I also worked in a track that my boys Recon and Earthrok threw down a few years ago called "Bikini Island" under the Lucha Libre moniker. The hook is in Catalan, so I have no idea what those ladies are saying, except I know it has something to do with Ibiza and it always reminds me of summer.

1. trouble man intro
2. chaka khan - fate (todd terje edit)
3. beatfanatic - let us pray
4. beatfanatic - music (Remix)
5. dr. rubberfunk - beats working
6. chris joss - wrong alley street (part 1)(fort knox five remix)
7. brothers johnson - aint we funkin' now (todd terje radio mix)
8. all good funk alliance - top brass
9. featurecast - disco diesel
10. mark ronson - stop me (chicken lips remix)
11. the legion of doom - crazy as she goes
12. u-tern - give it up
13. earth wind and fire - system of survival (ok ma re-edit)
14. the karminsky experience inc. - belly disco (beatfanatic remix)
15. beatfanatic - how deep (deep love remix)
16. omegaman - disco love (featurecast remix)
17. neighbour - pistachio ride
18. omegaman - super hi-fi funk (b-team remix)
19. lucha libre - bikini island
20. krafty kuts & a skillz - happiness

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank (insert deity of choice) It Is Viernes!


Ok so I am at work. i have a new mix. i have work to do, so.... I wont be saying much about this mix other than, i am very excited to post this mix. i will post the tack list later on. so for a long time i have been thinking about just posting my practice mixes, no edits, no checks, no nothing, just a freestyle, off the cuff, sunny afternoon mix... its a bit hard putting this out in the world, warts and all. it may be ugly, it may be pretty, but i actually dont know, i havent listened to it, and i dont plan to either. this is an experiment in, uhm, something. so remember kids, La MoDa loves you. well, not all of you, but most - wait, no thats not true either, we love who we love and maybe you are in that group...hows that? ok seriously back to work america....

Track list to follow..... enjoy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Paper Mix

direct link to mix
Being a yuppie of the utmost standing, there's nothing i like more than a sunday morning/afternoon with the paper, a coffee, and my wife. in my stately home, surrounded by all the gadgets that signal my arrival at massah's house. move over beethoven! i usually tune into one of the jazz radio stations on my realplayer or my itunes radio. good stuff. but sometimes i make myself a little playlist. smoove, easy going, something old, something new. i present to you without much more fanfare: the sunday morning paper mix. hopefully it reaches you on a lovely sunday morning/afternoon, or perhaps you may throw it on tonight as you make an awesome dinner before heading back to the grind tomorrow....wherever you are, enjoy!

track list:
Ethiobirds - Andrew Bird
Spooky Couch - Albert Hammond Jr.
Five Day Morning - The Clientele
The Lengths - The Black Keys
Before You Cry - Camera Obscura
The Makings Of You (backing tracks, take 32) - Curtis Mayfield
Channel 1 Suite (fourtet mix) - The Cinematic Orchestra
Les Professionnels - AIR
How Did We Forget - El Perro Del Mar
Fiction - Belle & Sebastian
Montara - Bobby Humphrey
Buena Vista Socail Club - Buena Vista Social Club
Cry To Me - Bob Marley
Summertime - Chet Baker
Intuition - Feist

track list said and done!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blasts From The Recent Past - The Get up Mix

direct download to mix

With all the introspective, and downer-type mixes I have been posting lately, i felt like i wanted to put something out there to make you feel funky, tap your feet, and get you boogie on, the way mantis does when he drops one of his bangers. Feel free to dance when you listen to this. the songs selected are my personal favorites for the dance floor from 07 and 08. I start it off funky as I try to start off all my uptempo mixes and sets. An homage to the funk era, summer is here, is produced by a friend, and fellow enormous room dj, Dr. Claw. Be on the lookout for this kid, he is seriously ill, his project Electrik Cocaine is not to be missed. Next we hit up the Middle Eastern Vibe that I am so fond of, back to back with pandora and cleopatra in ny. I think its sexy and it sets the tone and says, “hey I aint no run of the mill top 40 dj. Perk your ears up, expand your mind. you can dance to this even if it aint on the radio...” Hot Chip is Hot Shit, nuff said. Listen to over & over, and tell me you don’t wanna dance now. I just couldn’t resist the David Gray drop before the Hot Chip. Don’t deny your love for “babylon”. the mix gets back to the funk but with the breakbeats now thrown in by those breakdance inducing bad asses, the torpedo boys, this is my "baddest mutha". i switch gears and bring back the weirdness to remind you just who you messing with gongloveishow. This is a gem, and i collect gems, africa style. I spend about 20 hours a week in search of new music, and otto’s journey, is one of my favorite finds of all time, by one of my favorite groovey producers of all time - Its that electro with a hint of disco. I played a lot of disco when I was starting out in the clubs. Can you Dig it !?. Back to the future with zdarlight (bag raiders shout it out edit)! The lyrics on this stateless track are dark, moody and have just enough sexy edge to get you into a proper dance zone. The smiles are gone and replaced with the concentrated look of sweating to the beat.

i pull double duty next with the original and the remix of alla som inte dansar, i just couldnt decide between the two. another tip of the hat next to the new generation of club rappers, this remixed version of they wanna know, has got attitude, humor, and a great old school sample. Back to the breakbeats, this time with some innovative synths that reminds me of break dancing. Break out the cardboard for another mosart212 original blend, this time featuring i heard you were dead and baby (breakbot remix). next up is Manila, old school rhyme skemes with a new school sensibility, 12-year-old Michael Smith rips the lyrics up, which are silly, and nonsensical in the way old school rap used to be. I love his voice. It gets the crowd hype.

M.I.A. has been killing it for quite some time, and 07/08 were huge for her. Bamboo banga is my fave of all her party bangers. Its got it all, killer beat, her voice sounds superb, the production is tight, that bollywood sample is perfect. I drop a blend in there with say whoa, an offering by one of my hero’s a-trak, annoyingly young mother fucker doing his thing. i hate/love that! then its back to the marty mcfly tip with a ramones remix blitzkrieg bop by a-trak’s homeboy tittsworth. I don’t like the whole remix, too many break downs for my taste, but I grabbed and looped the last half where things really heat up. And then we have a new take on an old club standby, pump up the jam remixed by the tenderloins. We have another hip hop club mix to protect and entertain, the original song is banging but with this crookers remix, the middle section and the rap by murs, is where its at.

finally I end it with a track from left field, young folks, was a huge summer anthem, don’t front on it, you know you loved it. on a side note, the track itself is based off a great and beautiful song by rodriguez. You couldn’t go anywhere in Boston without hearing someone whistling the hook. The phones remix leaves the lyrics intact but introduces all sorts of nice noise to wind the night down. I fade it out and leave it up to you to figure out what to do next. enjoy!

Nice Day For a White Wedding aka "get up mix" by mosart212

track list:
Dr. Claw – Summer is Here
Arno Elias – Pandora
Nicodemus – Cleopatra in NY
Hot Chip – Over & Over (mosart212 babylon fallin edit)
Torpedo Boys – Give Me a Bass Line (mosart212 badd ass blend edit)
Fourtet – Gongloveishow
Mylo – Otto’s Journey
Digitalism – Zdarlight (bag raiders shout it out edit)
Stateless – Bloodstream (pilooski edit)
Alla Som Inte Dansar – Maskinen (mosart 212 og and new skool blend)
Adam Tensta – They Wanna Know (jeansie fix)
Turntable Rocker - I Heard You Were Dead (mosart212 whoa baby blend)
PNAU – Baby (breakbot remix)
Manila – Seelenluft
M.I.A. – Bamboo Banga (mosart212 on trak blend)
A-Trak – Say Whoa
Ramones – Bliztkreig Bop (tittsworth edit)
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (tenderloins remix)
Busy P (ft. Murs) – To Protect and Entertain (crookers remix)
Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John (the phones edit)

track list said and done....