Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving units..uhm NO...

hey kids. Its raining. I am a bit bummed. I thought I'd spin a quick nugget of future primitive funky hip hoppity stew for yalls. So who's hungry? We got old school meets new school and blends galore. This is a one shot deal, with minor editing, mostly in the volume control section of post-pro (thats dj talk for "bullshit"). theres a long mix between the phantom beat and that ill Idris instrumental, which i am curious to know what yalls think. i still have not manage to make a mix without some Lali Puna in there (repeat from an earlier mix, sorry). got one of my most favoritist Roots jam, getting the mosart212 blend-treatment. look for that transition where King Brit is talking about love and i transition into a track by LOVE! i end it off with the best track on that double disc from Outkast. which by the way, if it were a contest, Andres 3G blew the lid off the Big Boi disc - yes? enjoy this one as you make dinner tonight, wherever you may be.


Bad Tune (mosart212's out to space redub) - Earth Wind & Fire
Hard To Face The Music - Idris Muhammad
Phantom - Justice
Together In Electric Dreams (mosart's beatific blend) - Lali Puna /Simian Mobile Disco
Rising Before Busting a Move - mosart212 (ft. beat by Tranquilo, lyrics by Young MC)
Here I Rock - mosart212 (ft. beat by Dj Spinna and lyrics by The Roots)
Kings On Time Mix - King Brit
Bummer In The Summer - Love
Endless Flip Flops - mosart212 (ft. beat by Orange, lyrics by Big Boi, Killer Mike, Jay-Z)

track list said and done....

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