Monday, June 22, 2009

Shed a Tear

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As Mo has apologized profusely for our extended hiatus, I won't double up on explanations and rationalizations (plus most of you get the podcasts and probably haven't read a word we've written in MONTHS). I'll simply state that La MoDa is settling in for the summer after being in flux for a bit, and we're glad to be back. We've got some more dj dates lined up this summer (tag team and individual medley events), and I figure now is as good a time as any to promote some of those dates (and hit you off with another fresh mix).

First and foremost, Mo and I are still holding it down at the Independent in Union Square, Somerville. Friendliest staff in Boston, great food, a top notch ever-changing menu of good beer, and periodic visits by the Boston Cookie Brigade. Come see us sometime, quick, before the summer's over!

We're also trying to keep the Enormous Room monthly gig alive through the summer, though scheduling conflicts have mucked up the works a bit recently. Not sure when our July date will be, but you can count on us bombing your Facebooks and Twitter accounts with updates!

We're also joining the Atomik fellas up in Portland at the Whiteheart on July 17. It's a Friday, not a school night, so really, you've got no excuse. Come by, drink beer, and shake butt. There's free stickers in it for you....

The Butter Brothers are playing every Thursday night at Brian Boru's in Portland until Labor Day, definitely check that out if you get a chance. Since Mo is related to one (or all?) of the Butter Brothers (by marriage AND blood, do the science), he'll be hitting a few of these Thursdays off with his buttery brethren, and we're trying to link up for a "Lightly Toasted La MoDa with extra Butter Brothers" sesh one of these Thursdays. Hopefully we'll have further details soon...

I'm also teaming up with DJ Triple A (safe to say he's a La MoDa "affiliate" and frequent partner in crime) to throw down some beat badness on June 30 at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge for a one-off we're calling "Test Press." It's a bit more up front and loud than me and Mo usually throw down, sticking with techno, breaks, electro, and a little house. If we can get a decent turnout (for a Tuesday in the summer when the kids are gone) we might be able to make it a regular thing, but that's all up to you folks (hint hint)...

In anticipation of Test Press at the Middlesex, I'm offering up a spanking new mix (outright bribe) for all those who may be on the fence about a Tuesday night dance party. Most of the songs are pretty new, almost all breaks, and definitely of the "that bass might blow my speakers!" variety. Please enjoy...

1. bruce lee - be water, my friend

2. ali kay - numb

3. electric soulside - system d

4. tim healey & marc adamo - ghetto blaster (krafty kuts remix)

5. meat katie & d ramirez - stop the revolution (bassbin twins remix)

6. rico tubbs - it gets no better (VEN)

7. general midi - the westerner

8. breakzhead - the lost (ways and means remix)

9. mr. l"apes - skunk burner

10. tayo meets elroy and piper - down under dub

11. deekline & wizard - all your love

12. ed solo & skool of thought - when I was a yout

13. drumattic twins - hyperspeed

14. black canvas - we fear not (12" mix)

15. drumattic twins - broken planet

16. deekline & wizard - dancehall thrilla

17. kouncilhouse & micky finn - shed a tear

direct link to mix

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