Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away Mixtape

It stopped raining. i think it stopped because i made this mix to appease the Rain Gods. vengeful bastards that they are... I keep telling them it was all an accident but they wont listen, nope, kept that rain coming for almost a month straight. this mix goes out to all you office workers out there where its still actually thursday... loosen those nooses and zone out to dis one my damies, no piddy on the runnee kine, sayn...

sorry for the delay but track list to be included laters

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shed a Tear

(pic: iri5)

As Mo has apologized profusely for our extended hiatus, I won't double up on explanations and rationalizations (plus most of you get the podcasts and probably haven't read a word we've written in MONTHS). I'll simply state that La MoDa is settling in for the summer after being in flux for a bit, and we're glad to be back. We've got some more dj dates lined up this summer (tag team and individual medley events), and I figure now is as good a time as any to promote some of those dates (and hit you off with another fresh mix).

First and foremost, Mo and I are still holding it down at the Independent in Union Square, Somerville. Friendliest staff in Boston, great food, a top notch ever-changing menu of good beer, and periodic visits by the Boston Cookie Brigade. Come see us sometime, quick, before the summer's over!

We're also trying to keep the Enormous Room monthly gig alive through the summer, though scheduling conflicts have mucked up the works a bit recently. Not sure when our July date will be, but you can count on us bombing your Facebooks and Twitter accounts with updates!

We're also joining the Atomik fellas up in Portland at the Whiteheart on July 17. It's a Friday, not a school night, so really, you've got no excuse. Come by, drink beer, and shake butt. There's free stickers in it for you....

The Butter Brothers are playing every Thursday night at Brian Boru's in Portland until Labor Day, definitely check that out if you get a chance. Since Mo is related to one (or all?) of the Butter Brothers (by marriage AND blood, do the science), he'll be hitting a few of these Thursdays off with his buttery brethren, and we're trying to link up for a "Lightly Toasted La MoDa with extra Butter Brothers" sesh one of these Thursdays. Hopefully we'll have further details soon...

I'm also teaming up with DJ Triple A (safe to say he's a La MoDa "affiliate" and frequent partner in crime) to throw down some beat badness on June 30 at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge for a one-off we're calling "Test Press." It's a bit more up front and loud than me and Mo usually throw down, sticking with techno, breaks, electro, and a little house. If we can get a decent turnout (for a Tuesday in the summer when the kids are gone) we might be able to make it a regular thing, but that's all up to you folks (hint hint)...

In anticipation of Test Press at the Middlesex, I'm offering up a spanking new mix (outright bribe) for all those who may be on the fence about a Tuesday night dance party. Most of the songs are pretty new, almost all breaks, and definitely of the "that bass might blow my speakers!" variety. Please enjoy...

1. bruce lee - be water, my friend

2. ali kay - numb

3. electric soulside - system d

4. tim healey & marc adamo - ghetto blaster (krafty kuts remix)

5. meat katie & d ramirez - stop the revolution (bassbin twins remix)

6. rico tubbs - it gets no better (VEN)

7. general midi - the westerner

8. breakzhead - the lost (ways and means remix)

9. mr. l"apes - skunk burner

10. tayo meets elroy and piper - down under dub

11. deekline & wizard - all your love

12. ed solo & skool of thought - when I was a yout

13. drumattic twins - hyperspeed

14. black canvas - we fear not (12" mix)

15. drumattic twins - broken planet

16. deekline & wizard - dancehall thrilla

17. kouncilhouse & micky finn - shed a tear

direct link to mix

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving units..uhm NO...

hey kids. Its raining. I am a bit bummed. I thought I'd spin a quick nugget of future primitive funky hip hoppity stew for yalls. So who's hungry? We got old school meets new school and blends galore. This is a one shot deal, with minor editing, mostly in the volume control section of post-pro (thats dj talk for "bullshit"). theres a long mix between the phantom beat and that ill Idris instrumental, which i am curious to know what yalls think. i still have not manage to make a mix without some Lali Puna in there (repeat from an earlier mix, sorry). got one of my most favoritist Roots jam, getting the mosart212 blend-treatment. look for that transition where King Brit is talking about love and i transition into a track by LOVE! i end it off with the best track on that double disc from Outkast. which by the way, if it were a contest, Andres 3G blew the lid off the Big Boi disc - yes? enjoy this one as you make dinner tonight, wherever you may be.


Bad Tune (mosart212's out to space redub) - Earth Wind & Fire
Hard To Face The Music - Idris Muhammad
Phantom - Justice
Together In Electric Dreams (mosart's beatific blend) - Lali Puna /Simian Mobile Disco
Rising Before Busting a Move - mosart212 (ft. beat by Tranquilo, lyrics by Young MC)
Here I Rock - mosart212 (ft. beat by Dj Spinna and lyrics by The Roots)
Kings On Time Mix - King Brit
Bummer In The Summer - Love
Endless Flip Flops - mosart212 (ft. beat by Orange, lyrics by Big Boi, Killer Mike, Jay-Z)

track list said and done....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back From The Dead.....

direct link to mix

lots has happened since we last spoke huh? La MoDa played some great shows (big ups to Heather’s Bar NYC! See you again soon) and made some big moves (Rochester here I come). we apologize profusely for keeping yalls waiting so long for new shizz. But here we are ready to start it back again. we will continue to post our “HitRecord” series and we encourage you to check out the first two if you haven’t already. we plan to do that at least once a month. Mantisounds and I have been engaged in some deeply heavy philosophical rhetoric about dj’ing, about music, about doing things for love… the next few mixes and texts we post will reflect some of what we have been thinking, and with that We present to you: “Mosart212 Back From The Dead”

She Moves She (james joyce IS dead edit) – Fourtet /mosart212
Paris (aeroplanes remix) – Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone
Chic Cheer Chic (mosart’s shake that chic edit) – Chic / DJ Holiday
Little Kids Shaking It Up – Mosart212/ Kings Of Convinience
I Don’t Need a Woman Friend (mosart212 edit) – DJ Cam / Chromeo
Running Joke – Katherine Hepburn’s Voice
Ain’t We Funkin’ Now – Brothers Johnson
Jam On The Groove – Ralph MacDonald
Meow - Cat
Messie Bessie – Shirley Scott
Leave Me Alone – Apparat & Ellen Allien
Freeze and Explode – Cassettes Won’t Listen
Slow Down (mosart212’s Kevin HyperSpacey blend) – EPMD / Faust & Shortee
Oh Yeah! (tepr remix) – Housse De Racket
The Quest (mosart212’s J5 verses edit) – Kool Dj Dust
Groovin’ On Sunshine – Ohmega Watts

a couple of notes on this mix:

i have been practicing, i am always practicing, even if it means i mix in my headphones in the car while the wife drives us around as we look for bottles to return to the supermarket in this recession. Sell my dj gear you say? fuck you! i thought i would kick it with some of my tried and true favorites. Some under the radar stuff, and some obscure shizzle that should throw you for a loop. yes, you have heard some of these tracks before, either Mantis has played them or i have, get over it.

i love “the dead” by Joyce, and i thought it was fitting to start a mix about being in hiding with the intro to a book that is about miscommunication, misunderstandings, and in some ways depression. I have been sitting on all of those lately. i wasn’t sure if this was going to be a dancey mixtape, or a cerebral one, a journey, or a chillpill. I threw on good ol’ Kieran aka fourtet, and thought i would see where he would take me next.

Out early last year, also know as KHV, Katherine Hepburns Voice IS hot shit - here is another doosie by thems. Keep an eye out for them.

The brothers Johnson was one of the first record I bought. one of my own first vinyls. up until then all my vinyl was hand me down and/or my mother’s. she had a hot collection, don’t front. you would too if you stopped being 16 for a second and had a baby and then went right back to being 16… i got this record “downtown” and i was already opened and already scratched, but i was so psyched and so stupid/young that i didn’t actually know this till i got back home. so i tried to go back and return it. they laughed in my face. by the by, strawberry letter 23 by the BJ’s still the greatest of all the versions.

for those of you who have never heard of mr. ralph macdonald (because he is often overshadowed by his more famous cousin Ronald) please check out his site and his music. he’s an old school cat who is an incredible percussionist. he fuses jazz with ambient, even before we knew it was called ambient.

i picked up a compilation a couple of years ago called “Thai a go go” mega insane. i will try to drop some more from this compilation in future mixes. i love the tape hiss in this “meow” recording. i imagine a bunch of sweaty thai dudes sitting around a cramped and smokey studio watching this hot momma do her thing, and then asking her to do it again, and again, and again. especially the meowing part.

“leave me alone” is one of my all time favorite songs. beginning with the major crush on allien, and ending with the infatuation of that hook surrounded by those synth strings. Ugh! And of course, don’t we all know what its like to get to that point where all you want is solitude? I want to have sex with the voice on that last ohmega watts’ jam - if i am talking to you hit me up at 212-mad-love.

that “slow down” edit is one of my best.

Period. hollerate - cause we back....!