Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Really stoked about this mix, I've been really rinsing these "nu jungle" sounds recently.  Sub Slayers records has absolutely been KILLING it lately, and there's plenty of the latest offerings from Jay Cunning's outfit on this mix.  There's also a lot of Deekline and Ed Solo in this mix, spanning from the very recent to the pseudo-classics (the "Outta Space" booty is timeless!).  The last song here, the "Always VIP" remix, is sublime.  It rips the vocals from one of my favorite ILS tracks of all time and injects it with some serious jungle sensibilities.

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1.  Zed Bias ft. Juiceman & Simba - Ring the Alarm (Jigga Up) VIP
2.  Yoof - Prophecy
3.  GOLD - 45 War
4.  Yoof - Gangster4life
5.  DJ Deekline pres. Cut & Run - Outta Space (Booty Space Extended Mix)
6.  Tayo - Wildlife Dub
7.  Journeyman & Barrcode - Positive Vibes (Kieran M Remix)
8.  Phuture Assassin - Ganja Madness (Backdraft Remix)
9.  Cut La Roc - Freeze (Ben & Lex Remix)
10. Sanxion - Vampyros Lesbos
11. Dan Sena - Song of Siren (RackNRuin Remix)
12. Karton - Chase it High (Left/Right Remix)
13. Sanxion - Tear it Up
14. DJ Quest & Sonz of Mecha - I Got Style
15. Slyde - Hold Tight
16. Eddie Voyager - Sunshine
17. Defkline & Red Polo - Take it Back (Phatman & Robin Mix)
18. Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Specimen A & James D'ley Refix)
19. Ed Solo & Skool of Thought - Always There 
20. Ed Solo & Deekline - Always RIP (Eddie K & Minus Remix)(Deekline & Ed Solo VIP Mix)