Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blasts From The Recent Past - The Get up Mix

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With all the introspective, and downer-type mixes I have been posting lately, i felt like i wanted to put something out there to make you feel funky, tap your feet, and get you boogie on, the way mantis does when he drops one of his bangers. Feel free to dance when you listen to this. the songs selected are my personal favorites for the dance floor from 07 and 08. I start it off funky as I try to start off all my uptempo mixes and sets. An homage to the funk era, summer is here, is produced by a friend, and fellow enormous room dj, Dr. Claw. Be on the lookout for this kid, he is seriously ill, his project Electrik Cocaine is not to be missed. Next we hit up the Middle Eastern Vibe that I am so fond of, back to back with pandora and cleopatra in ny. I think its sexy and it sets the tone and says, “hey I aint no run of the mill top 40 dj. Perk your ears up, expand your mind. you can dance to this even if it aint on the radio...” Hot Chip is Hot Shit, nuff said. Listen to over & over, and tell me you don’t wanna dance now. I just couldn’t resist the David Gray drop before the Hot Chip. Don’t deny your love for “babylon”. the mix gets back to the funk but with the breakbeats now thrown in by those breakdance inducing bad asses, the torpedo boys, this is my "baddest mutha". i switch gears and bring back the weirdness to remind you just who you messing with gongloveishow. This is a gem, and i collect gems, africa style. I spend about 20 hours a week in search of new music, and otto’s journey, is one of my favorite finds of all time, by one of my favorite groovey producers of all time - Its that electro with a hint of disco. I played a lot of disco when I was starting out in the clubs. Can you Dig it !?. Back to the future with zdarlight (bag raiders shout it out edit)! The lyrics on this stateless track are dark, moody and have just enough sexy edge to get you into a proper dance zone. The smiles are gone and replaced with the concentrated look of sweating to the beat.

i pull double duty next with the original and the remix of alla som inte dansar, i just couldnt decide between the two. another tip of the hat next to the new generation of club rappers, this remixed version of they wanna know, has got attitude, humor, and a great old school sample. Back to the breakbeats, this time with some innovative synths that reminds me of break dancing. Break out the cardboard for another mosart212 original blend, this time featuring i heard you were dead and baby (breakbot remix). next up is Manila, old school rhyme skemes with a new school sensibility, 12-year-old Michael Smith rips the lyrics up, which are silly, and nonsensical in the way old school rap used to be. I love his voice. It gets the crowd hype.

M.I.A. has been killing it for quite some time, and 07/08 were huge for her. Bamboo banga is my fave of all her party bangers. Its got it all, killer beat, her voice sounds superb, the production is tight, that bollywood sample is perfect. I drop a blend in there with say whoa, an offering by one of my hero’s a-trak, annoyingly young mother fucker doing his thing. i hate/love that! then its back to the marty mcfly tip with a ramones remix blitzkrieg bop by a-trak’s homeboy tittsworth. I don’t like the whole remix, too many break downs for my taste, but I grabbed and looped the last half where things really heat up. And then we have a new take on an old club standby, pump up the jam remixed by the tenderloins. We have another hip hop club mix to protect and entertain, the original song is banging but with this crookers remix, the middle section and the rap by murs, is where its at.

finally I end it with a track from left field, young folks, was a huge summer anthem, don’t front on it, you know you loved it. on a side note, the track itself is based off a great and beautiful song by rodriguez. You couldn’t go anywhere in Boston without hearing someone whistling the hook. The phones remix leaves the lyrics intact but introduces all sorts of nice noise to wind the night down. I fade it out and leave it up to you to figure out what to do next. enjoy!

Nice Day For a White Wedding aka "get up mix" by mosart212

track list:
Dr. Claw – Summer is Here
Arno Elias – Pandora
Nicodemus – Cleopatra in NY
Hot Chip – Over & Over (mosart212 babylon fallin edit)
Torpedo Boys – Give Me a Bass Line (mosart212 badd ass blend edit)
Fourtet – Gongloveishow
Mylo – Otto’s Journey
Digitalism – Zdarlight (bag raiders shout it out edit)
Stateless – Bloodstream (pilooski edit)
Alla Som Inte Dansar – Maskinen (mosart 212 og and new skool blend)
Adam Tensta – They Wanna Know (jeansie fix)
Turntable Rocker - I Heard You Were Dead (mosart212 whoa baby blend)
PNAU – Baby (breakbot remix)
Manila – Seelenluft
M.I.A. – Bamboo Banga (mosart212 on trak blend)
A-Trak – Say Whoa
Ramones – Bliztkreig Bop (tittsworth edit)
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (tenderloins remix)
Busy P (ft. Murs) – To Protect and Entertain (crookers remix)
Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John (the phones edit)

track list said and done....

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