Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Paper Mix

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Being a yuppie of the utmost standing, there's nothing i like more than a sunday morning/afternoon with the paper, a coffee, and my wife. in my stately home, surrounded by all the gadgets that signal my arrival at massah's house. move over beethoven! i usually tune into one of the jazz radio stations on my realplayer or my itunes radio. good stuff. but sometimes i make myself a little playlist. smoove, easy going, something old, something new. i present to you without much more fanfare: the sunday morning paper mix. hopefully it reaches you on a lovely sunday morning/afternoon, or perhaps you may throw it on tonight as you make an awesome dinner before heading back to the grind tomorrow....wherever you are, enjoy!

track list:
Ethiobirds - Andrew Bird
Spooky Couch - Albert Hammond Jr.
Five Day Morning - The Clientele
The Lengths - The Black Keys
Before You Cry - Camera Obscura
The Makings Of You (backing tracks, take 32) - Curtis Mayfield
Channel 1 Suite (fourtet mix) - The Cinematic Orchestra
Les Professionnels - AIR
How Did We Forget - El Perro Del Mar
Fiction - Belle & Sebastian
Montara - Bobby Humphrey
Buena Vista Socail Club - Buena Vista Social Club
Cry To Me - Bob Marley
Summertime - Chet Baker
Intuition - Feist

track list said and done!

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