Saturday, April 4, 2009

Get Hip To: Amadou & Miriam

Amadou & Miriam malimixdown

hey hey hey , its Phat Mobert, bringing you the latest in off the charts, off the beaten path, unknown, but-should-be-known-hottttness. In our first installment of “La MoDa presents:” we bring to you Amadou & Miriam, the dynamic, blind, husband and wife, geniuses, from Mali. Rumor has it that Manu Chao, who can do no wrong, in 20 different languages, and a hundred different styles, discovered the husband and wife musicians, playing some small club, or maybe right on the curb, or an abandoned warehouse in Mali. Its not true, but either way it don’t matter much, cause he did the right thing, and introduced us to them. and we are better for it. Amadou and Miriam have been around since the late 80’s/early 90's but didn’t really get going, in terms of world wide popularity (aka US chart success) until Manu Chao intervened. Their sound is a mixture of traditional instrumentation, mixed with rock, and electronica. They have been messing around in the studio as of late with Damon Albarn, the madman behind Blur, and Gorillaz, and The Good The Bad and The Queen. The mix ends with the new single, Sabali, which the super group put together. here is the track list along with the album the songs are on. enjoy!

track list:
Beaux Dimanche – Dimanche a Bamako
Coulibaly - Dimanche a Bamako (bonus track version)
Je Pense A Toi / Mon Amour Ma Cherie – Sou ni tile
Senegal Fast Food (ft. Manu Chao) – Summer Tour EP
Dounia – Sou ni tile
Kirikou – Youssou N’Dour ft. Amadou and Miriam
Booka Mutoto – (if you know what album this is on, challah atcha boys!!!)
Sabali – Welcome To Mali

track list said and done....

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