Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank (insert deity of choice) It Is Viernes!


Ok so I am at work. i have a new mix. i have work to do, so.... I wont be saying much about this mix other than, i am very excited to post this mix. i will post the tack list later on. so for a long time i have been thinking about just posting my practice mixes, no edits, no checks, no nothing, just a freestyle, off the cuff, sunny afternoon mix... its a bit hard putting this out in the world, warts and all. it may be ugly, it may be pretty, but i actually dont know, i havent listened to it, and i dont plan to either. this is an experiment in, uhm, something. so remember kids, La MoDa loves you. well, not all of you, but most - wait, no thats not true either, we love who we love and maybe you are in that group...hows that? ok seriously back to work america....

Track list to follow..... enjoy!

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