Monday, April 6, 2009

Poplock Boogaloo

(pic: nubry)

Remember that scene in Beat Street when the Beat Street Breakers battle the Bronx Rockers? And it's actually all the dope dancers from Rock Steady Crew throwing down on the floor at the Roxy in 1984? Remember skinny Kay Slay (with a lisp) rapping at the writer's bench?  Totally not surprised by this footage of Jean Claude Van Damme enjoying a breakin' circle on Venice Beach?  If you know what I'm talking about, this mix is for you.  The mix finishes with an electro flare, but for the most part this is the sound of fat laces and fat caps, Kangols and end to end burners, popping and locking and uprocking.  Enjoy...    

1. bronx dogs - mixed blood (mambo roc radio edit)
2. dj junk - damaged brain
3. bronx dogs - 212 (reprise)
4. jadell - come and get some
5. deadly avenger - live at the capri
6. hydroponic soundsystem ft. furious - breakneck speed
7. clockwork voodoo freaks- dead mick's throwdown
8. sugarhill gang - eighth wonder (pressure drop remix)
9. beatbox allstars - livin beat
10. bassbin twins - ESW
11. dee patten - who is the badman
12. osmosis - junglefreak (skeewiff remix)
13. soul of man - gonna keep on (ben chapman remix)
14. criminal element orchestra - put the needle on the record (drumattic twins vs. lee coombs remix)
15. hal9000 - blow 'em out
16. freestylers - don't stop
17. eurythmics - sweet dreams (dj infinity remix)


  1. Anybody know where that "sha la la la la, oh oh oh" sample is from in 'Mixed Blood' by Bronx Dogs?

  2. Pretty sure it's 'Rayo de Sol' by Los Diablos.
    If anyone can tell me what the latin "mambo mambo" track is that the beats and vocal come from I'd really like to know!