Saturday, October 23, 2010

Right is Wrong is Far From Over

hey kids! we're back with more sonic goodness. here we have a tale of morals and ethics - two things (can morals and ethics be properly described as "things"?) i have been thinking about a lot lately. this mix uses samples from an old instructional film on "making good choices" , the film focuses on a young man who gets in with the "wrong" crowd and here we go are you ready? 1. the store security guard who sees him is friends with his family and he has to "decide" what to do - turn him in OR turn a blind eye (cue sappy music) 2. the police come to the boys house looking for him and his mother has to decide (in a really disorienting internal dialogue scene, that seems to take forever! i mean seriously if i was the cop and after the three minutes she makes me wait on the porch and then says "oh he's not here" i wouldnt believe her! i wouldnt!)- does she turn him in or does she lie to the police?! (cue sappy music) 3. the cop who is interrogating the youngstah wants him to turn in his friends - does the young man do it or not?! this goes on forever, everyone involved has to make a "tough choice" and then at the end the film poses the most serious of questions - WHAT WOULD YOU DO?! its like you're jeesus and what you decide finally matters to someone. so anyways i took all the audio out of the film and then i cut (cut is such a weird verb, i mean it never sounds right to me, i always feel likes its missing a letter or something, like it should be "cutted" as in "i cutted and pasted")and pasted it to make a much shorter morality tale, i then took this tale and cutted and pasted it over a really sweet mix that i feel captures the complexity and ingenuity of the original film production. i hope you fools like it!

Right is Wrong is Far From Over by mosart212

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