Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet the Twins

So up until 6:43am on Feb. 24, 2010, my favorite twins in the world were the Bassbin Twins, followed by the Drumattic Twins. Hell, my wife and I rearranged our honeymoon to catch the Bassbin Twins in Las Vegas at Club Ice (sidebar: thanks for representing for my honeymoon, Bassbin Twins)!...All that changed when my wife gave birth to OUR twins, Paloma and Bodhi. Words cannot describe how amazing an experience it is, and how proud I am to be a father (or how amazingly sleep deprived I am after a day and a half of doublemint duty!).

DJ Recon, the mad genius behind Monkeys for Helping, suggested a few weeks ago that, in honor of the birth of my twins, I should do a twins themed mix (Recon is an "ideas man," as they say in the "biz," a mad scientist with the ideas and the lazers and the test tubes with the bubbles and the electricity and the bunsen burners and the 1.21 jigowatts). What better reason to collect all of my favorite Bassbin/Drumattic Twins songs in one place and melt faces in honor of the twins that melt hearts (that might sound corny, but when you meet these kids, I DARE you not to turn into a cooing teary-eyed mess. They are fucking adorable!). I even snuck a Capoeira Twins track in there too to round out the theme.

You can peep the divshare player below, download directly using the link below, OR, impress your friends and neighbors and sign up for the podcast service directly to your iPod or Zune by following the instructions posted on the upper left of this page.

Don't be a singleton, meet the twins....

mantisounds - meet the twins

1. bassbin twins - the dogs
2. bassbin twins - gun down
3. capoeira twins - to the dawn of the day (slyde remix)
4. drumattic twins - under the lights
5. drumattic twins - sound of the drum
6. evil nine - crooked (bassbin twins remix)
7. aquasky & the drumattic twins - bring it on down
8. mr. no hands vs bassbin twins - adrenaline
9. drumattic twins - twister
10. drumattic twins - the flunk
11. drumattic twins - big buddha
12. drumattic twins - feelin' kinda strange (bass kleph & nick thayer remix)
13. bassbin twins - UFB2
14. bassbin twins - the ruffest
15. deejay punk-roc - my beatbox (bassbin twins busted my beatbox remix)
16. bassbin twins - woppa
17. bassbin twins - whistle choon

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