Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aw mang, i cant keep anything down...

What does being sick sound like? It sounds like this:

When I am sick I still like music, it’s just that my tastes are far more refined (read: narrow and anal) (wait – is narrow the same as anal?) i want chill. not downtempo. I want relaxed. no loud noises, no shredding guitars, and never no glitchy stuff. and i am sick. i am out-both-ends-sick right now. so i decided to make myself a mix. and share it with you. because i love you. because i am sick. no mixing, no beat matching, no nothing, but soothing tones, and pleasant voices. and yeah a littel muzac got snuck up in there. so the typos stay, but the beats are checked twiced over...

Sickasadog Track List
Do not Despair – El Perro Del Mar
el perro del mar is one girl. Sarah Assbring. she is awesome. her voice is pretty. yeah, pretty, cause it sounds light, delicate, and airy. her musical arrangements compliment her pretty voice. they are majestic, orchestral, kinda electronic, but kinda folky.

Alone in Kyoto (mosart sir wally edit) – Air
where do i begin? i have been to Kyoto. it fucking rules. i think backronyms are absolutely the most incredible thing ever, but not cooler than retronyms. but the coolest would be if my name were “D.J. McSpin Records” . AIR wrote and played all the music on the super brilliant 5:55. Serge Gainsbourg was incredible. only the French could make cheesy synonymous with classy. its like cheese; if you walked into a room and you smelled a French cheese but you didn’t know it, you would be like, “damn, what the fuck yo. it smells god-awful in here…” and if you were sick like me right now, you would vomit. wait – if you were sick like me right now you would just vomit cause you were moving around. ok, right. but if you walked into a room and it smelled like high hell, but you spotted some cheese, all of a sudden that very same smell is a good thing. not a bad thing. oh and for good measure i threw in a poem by sir wallace stevens, who was imprisoned with john mccain in the Spanish American war. bring our troops home now. seriously.

Stay Golden – Au Revoir Simone
Dear Savage Love, I am a thirty one year old man who loves Au Revoir Simone. I am happily married but my boyfriend doesn’t actually know this. Who should i break the news to first?
Marauding Outré Iconoclast Self Evolving Sycophant

It's funny that your question, MOISES—with its hint of gay panic—should arrive today. I've been on vacation with the family all week snowboarding in beautiful British Columbia, and what I enjoy most—besides the snowboarding and the half-naked, fully stoned Australian snowboard instructors lolling around in hot tubs at the end of the day—is watching the straight boys who refuse to sit four to a chairlift. They want to ride up alone or ride up two at a time on a four-seater with two empty seats between 'em. They seem to think gayness can be contracted through thigh-to-thigh contact.

Grasshopper interlude

Rainy Day – Shuggie Otis
Shuggie wrote the original “strawberry letter 23”

The Supine – Andrew Bird
One of my students said she ran into Andrew bird before his concert, in Harvard Square. she said he was mega weird. i believe it. he’s just too damn talented.

Triptych Part Two (mosart’s telling you blend) – Blockhead
I own everything Anthony Simon has put out. i mention that as a wake up call to all you black beat makers out there. what the fuck? get on your “grizzly” or whatever the hell you call it nowadays and make something worth listening to without some moron “rapping over it”. seriously. what’s the deal with ALL the incredible downtempo, beatstrumental albums being written and produced by creative, rich, white guys. don’t even try to tell me these fuckers aint rich. come on. same thing with the damn videos. its like the only videos worth watching are the ones featuring young, European, white guys. i’m saying. whats up black people in the music biz? take a goddamn risk. do something out of the ordinary. i’m bored to death here. thank god for rich white dudes and their legions of backpacking rich upper east side douche bag fans, otherwise i would be stuck listening to records recorded before 1996.

Break It Off – Family
this was on one of those real corny downtempo compilations that i so dearly love. i have no idea who Family is, and i cant find out anything reliable on the interwebs…but…i did find out about Family, a band from the 70’s. mucho nice. do like i did and pirate some of their stuff. i think they're all dead now, so its ok.

The Delivery (mosart’s staff infection blend) – Seekonk
When my friend Dave Noyes, of the band Seekonk, and also Rustic Overtones, let me get a hold of his band’s debut record, For Barbara Lee, i fell i love. Seekonk is it. ain't nan doing it like they doing it. Dave also put me on to Os Mutantes, one smoky night in his warehouse/studio/awesome apartment. if they come by your town, or you’re in Portland Maine, go check them. don’t tell them i sent you, this aint no damn movie, and i don’t want you ruining my reputation.

Dan In Real Life – Sondre Lerche
sondre lerche is handsome. i have now seen 50 movies in which dane cook is some hot white lady’s obnoxious, overbearing, retarded, man-child, boyfriend/lover/husband, and then someone comes and steals the hot white lady from him.

My Room Is White (Reminder Remix) – Mia Doi Todd
i really wish i could remember (damn you marijuana!) how i first came across ms. todd’s music. my life has not been the same since then. i have recognized her voice on works by some of most favoritist peeps, like prefuse 73, and nobody. her 2007 album gea is a gem. manzanita is great and the manzanita remix album : la ninja, are both pretty rad. she’s got a thick soulful voice. she sounds as if she should be singing in a language more exciting than English.

Tone Poem (mosart’s jlrmx edit) – Third Face/Jens Lekman
my old roommate hooked me up with the first two JL albums. I love JL’s music. his voice isn’t the best, but man, his lyrics are straight fiyah. this song is difficult to listen to the first few times you actually pay attention, but your repetition rewards you by dulling your empathy and sympathy, thus allowing you to enjoy the blend i put together here, without thinking too much about why your life sucked in high school.

Mali Dje – Ali Farka Toure
wows. AFT is wonderful. his music is soothing tonic. it makes me forget about my next offering to the porcelain god.

Puh Ji Na Mujese – unknown artist
i try very hard to avoid posting a mix on the internets with a song on it that i know nothing about. i have no idea what language this is even in. this reminds me of the time i was in Amsterdam and i ended up hanging out with a bellhop from the hotel i was staying at. we got together after his shift at 9 and thus began a night of debauchery that included in no particular order: running from the police, eating the best shawarma i have ever had, walking into a room full of cocaine and a big shirtless black guy in an apron giving another shirtless black guy a straight-razor shave, a dennis hopper movie i have never seen since, dj’ing at a private club, and plans to kill a state witness before he testified against one of the guys i was with. throughout this whole night, i did not understand a word people were saying to me, dutch sounds like someone speaking French after a stroke, but i did get everything that people were saying. you don’t need to know the words to know the point.

Beyond Words – Wax Tailor
the French are taking over the world. i like food, hot women, and berets, plus i aint a white American, so i’ll be fine…

Robots In Disguise – Four Tet
Kieran hebden is one busy piece of work. dude remixes for errbody. i don’t like all the stuff he does, cause frankly a bunch of it sounds like noise to me. but when he rubs me the right way, and sticks to traditional, western, 4/4, classic beat rocking blocks, type shit, i’m all there. all of his other stuff makes me feel like i fell and hurt something but i cant tell what, but when i try to get up it hurts like hell, and so i just lay there.

Warheads interlude

The Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake
– Sufjan Stevens
total man crush. total emo, fey, wimpy boy-child, savant thing going on. genius. i have never come across anything by mr. stevens that i didn’t like. that’s not to say that i am always in the mood to hear his shit. sometimes it soothes the beast, but at other times it can be very Sylvia Plath-ey.

Bamboo Flute Blues (kid koala remix) – Yusef Lateef
yusef teaches at my alma mater, Hampshire College, and all the “cool” kids there were up on his music. so you knows that means i too know me some yusef. the guy is versatile, and he has been around forevers. i never really got to know him, cause he gave all his attention to the music kids. which is how it should be. its like having Scotty Pippen be your high school varsity coach. my wife saw kid koala live at the SPACE where she used to work. she said it was one of the best shows she’d ever seen. she said if she were to become a “dj” she’d only want to do what he does. so does errbody else.

Warheads interlude II

Sunny Road – Emiliana Torrini
if you know emiliana it might be because her songs were featured in: lord of the rings, grey’s anatomy, one tree hill, and buffy the vampire slayer. if you know emiliana because of this, and not because someone said “hey there is another crazy chic from Iceland who can also sing the shit out an emotional yet playful song” then you need to get out more.

Casimir Pulaski (live) – Sufjan Stevens
for the record its: SOOF-yahn. but i am sure he wouldn’t kick your ass if you said it any other way, but he might write a song about it that would then inspire you to kill yourself, and so he wins in the end. Austin City Limits is an incredible show. if anyone reading this plans to bomb, burn down, destroy, take over, annihilate, and/or decimate texas, by all means have a ball, but please leave Austin intact, in case su-fee-yan and/or the pixies decide they want to do another show there.

Piano Solo – Nick Drake
i feel sick. i still do. this is a countdown till my next trip to the alter of the brown and yellow deities. but i got this out there. and that’s one small step for mankind, and one giant step for La MoDa mixtapes.

set list said and done. wash your hands after you are done enjoying this.
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