Sunday, March 29, 2009

Independent Radio pts. 1 & 2

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Tuesday nights… in the pantheon of DeeJaying it’s the graveyard shift. Its not the weekend. its not Monday, which in some towns, is the new Friday. Beat Research up at the Enormous Room, err Monday be doing their thing. i am glad we are not up against those professionals. its not a Wednesday, the middle of the week, humpday (what a stupid fucking term by the way) the day you most need a drink. its not Sunday, the day some people go out and get they chillax on. its Tuesday. and we love it. we love The Independent. we love the staff (major love and props to Liam and Nicole). the food is good, the beer is even better. Tuesday. when you first start dj’ing you almost always have your test run night on a Tuesday. the promoter says, come in, do your thing this Tuesday, we’ll tell you wassup. you move up from Tuesday. you don’t stay at Tuesday. if you’re good you keep moving up. sort of. there’s this myth that the dj should be working for the weekend. grinding so he can do the big party on Friday or Saturday night. she should be keeping her eye on the “big time” the “hott nights” but La MoDa, we don’t like to do things like other folks. so we don’t. Tuesdays. we’ve done the big nights, so don’t come at us like we aint good enough. we’re your girlfriend/wife’s favorite dj. we’re your favorite dj’s favorite dj. its about music. and control. come check us if you’re in boston. we do what we like. we play what we want. and people still come and enjoy it, and thank us at the end of the night. we aint packing them in. we never tried. we play in other venues, we leave town to do a gig err now and then, but we always come back to our comfortable, warm, generous, appreciative, spot. if you a dj, and you’ve left the confines of your bedroom/ “studio”, if you’ve gotten yourself something regular, like a “residency”, then you know what its like to have to put up with the bullshit, the dumb requests, the fucking bartender/promoter/owner, breathing down your neck cause you aint playing “what the people like” . Wowz. really. then there is the bullshit of the whole game itself. you play the top40 night after night, you get in. you challenge the folks, you play something they cant drunkenly dance/rape to then you’re out. so it’s a Tuesday. we aint ashamed, we aint making excuses. we’ve worked hard to do it our way. come by, check us out. you’ll like it. but if you cant….. here is what happens: we show up. we have a couple of drinks. liam regalls us with tales of quirky/weird/annoying customers. Nicole says hi! damian and i exclaim how great she is. no its not code for cute. but yes. she is cute. we set up the serato. damian sets up the monitors. we drink another drink. its 9 pm. we hit play and………

Independent Radio Intro track list:

New Light of Tomorrow (Bonobo Remix) – Husky Rescue
Kudos – Benji Boko
Unemployed in Summertime – Emiliana Torrini
Love Song – K-Os
Going Up – Lowrider
Bongo Red (Mosart212 dubbahstepah edit) – The Gladiators
Nothing Owed (Mosart212 mad ants blend) – Bonobo
Its Not The Worst I’ve Looked – Lali Puna
Stepping Into Tomorrow (Madlib remix) – Sarah Hethcoat
Drift Away (Prefuse 73 mix) – Via Tanya
Bings Bong (Delhi Shuttle Live) – Solid Ground
As The Stars Fall – Cinematic Orchestra
A Gentle Dissolve (Shawn Lee Ping Pong Orchestra Mix) – Thievery Corporation
High Time – Diesler
Hurricane – Beatphreak
Who’s Gonna Save My Soul – Gnarles Barkley
Ray Gun – Bird and the Bee
Precious – Ils

After a couple of more beers.... we kick the tempo up, and we start to experiment. mantis feels a particular groove, in this case he was feeling that "conscious rap"/ "backpacker rap"/west coast/ "independent" artists type vibe. He plays some great songs at the end of this here mix...the crowd on this particular night, a week after st.-lets-get-drunk-and-call-ourselves-irish-day was small, but receptive. thats all you want right? we'll take love over numbers anyday.

Independent Radio A Few Beers Later track list:
Fast Forward – Lali Puna
195 lbs. – Nightmares On wax
Sun Moon Stars – Mos Def
Talk To Me (live) – DJ Vadim
Cleopatra In New York (Zim Zam mix) – Nickodemus ft. Carol
Because – Bird and the Bee
The Tune – Wax Tailor
My Room Is White (Flying Lotus Remix) – Mia Doi Todd
On Boulevards (Kirlian mix) - Sin
Harvey Daley Mix – Stereolab & The High Llamas
(This Is For) The Better Days – The Bees
The Magicman – Bonobo
Gravitas - Little People
Recognize – Breakestra
Golden Touch (Connie Price Mix) – Blue States
Breakadawn – De La Soul
Bumpin Contraption – Latyrix
2hot 2cold 2touch – Maullem ft. Lyrics Born
Big Beat 3 – DJ Bombjack
Count and Estimate – DJ Shadow
Wildin Out (Kut Masta Kurt remix) – Mos Def & Diverse
Nostalgia – Marco Polo ft. Masta Ace
Klap Ya Hands – Das Efx
Samba Soul – N.A.S.A. ft. Del & DJ Qbert
Belshazzar (Machine Drum Remix) – Johnny Cash

parts 3 & 4 up soon! stay tuned...

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