Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lightsonic Frequencies

(pic: sinix)

Hey everyone, sorry for the lengthy blog absence. La MoDa has been hard at work drinking beer and mixing records, though we're still not very good at hitting the "record" button while we're doing all this hard work. So if you've caught us out at the Independent on Tuesdays recently, you've witnessed us distilling millions of gallons of light sweet crude funk into a refined, high-octane jet fuel of jams. For those of you coming out to hear it live, thank you. For the rest of you, you don't know what you're missing!...

Anyway, as you may have deduced by the ravetastic title of this post, and the similarly named mix set posted below, this new mix is another of my "smoke machines and clove cigarettes" journeys down memory lane into PLUR'd out rave territory (peace to Recon, Muthajunksta, T-boo Ted Marshall, the Cryptek Wizard, and the rest of the breakbeat massive!). This mix starts with some razor-sharp electro (I could listen to Groove Armada's "Lightsonic" all goddamn day it's so good), moves into some pretty bass-heavy fidget/b'more territory (DJ Fashen's "Shook" is the musical equivalent of a gun in your face), and then settles into some up front, hands-in-the-air breakbeats.

I threw the Bassbin Twins remix of "Hip Hop Phenomenon" in there as a tribute to the late 90s/early 00s, because you couldn't buy a compilation or see a breaks/electro dj play without hearing this anthem. And the Bassbin Twins are my idol (-call me-)...The Secta Chameleon and Sonic Bee songs are fire, the perfect combo of ragga and bass-fueled breaks (with a little flanged-out female vocal action to get the hands up). And the last two tracks are probably my two favorite tracks of the last few months or so. I cannot get enough of the stirring piano breakdown at the end of "Sierra Leone" when the half-speed stutter beat thunders back in (wait for it....).

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(if the flash player doesn't load properly, just click the direct link to the Soundcloud page, it's working just fine over there...)

mantisounds - lightsonic frequencies

1. a-trak - say whoa (boys noize remix)
2. groove armada - lightsonic
3. herve & kissy sellout - rikkalicious
4. the rogue element - vices
5. kid sister - family reunion (dem slackers shit loads below zero mix)
6. dj fashen - shook
7. tsunami One & BT - hip hop phenomenon (bassbin twins edit)
8. daft punk vs flapsandwich - work it
9. beat assassins - sizzla
10. freestylers ft. pendulum and sirreal - painkiller (ed solo & skool of thought remix)
11. sonic bee ft. chunk n attack - nu skool skank (farace remix)
12. secta chameleon ft. mc manic - push along
13. mr. no hands - button down (groove diggerz remix)
14. goose - bring it on (stanton warriors remix)
15. shimon & nixon - brainstorm
16. slyde - you're my fix (slyde remix)
17. agent k & bella - sierra leone (the phat riderz remix)

(pic: skulldozer)