Friday, February 27, 2009

Sol De Invierno

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Wow, Obama is doing a great job so far huh?! Well its been a week since we last posted, but a lot has happened in the week. And its all good news for you, the listening, and reading audience. We have been talking with Dan Martino aka Soulstatic, one of the ill dj’s over at, and there is a possibility your two favorite dj’s might get their own show at the BK spot. We have been working with writer extraordinaire Seth Harwood, who is helping us create and bring you easier ways to stay updated with the contents of your favorite blog. seth is currently helping us make the downloading function easier to handle for all your toys and gadgets. We will be updating all the previous posts with these new widgets, and buttons. mantisounds and i are also working on a super-top-secret-project with Seth, that involves one of his …. be on the look out its gonna be crazy. surgeries, new family members coming in, old ones heading out, and extra work at our actual jobs, has kept Mantisounds and Mosart212 ridiculously busy in this last week, but La MoDa is nothing if not resilient. we shall keep you waiting no longer. its here. we will be featuring new mixes by both Mosart and Mantis this weekend. here to start it off right is “Sol De invierno” by Mosart212....

"I'm Emeril Lagasse and I LOVE food and La MoDa. BAM!"

Mantis has inspired me to make something a little bit more upbeat. i have been getting calls from fans all over the world asking for something with a little more pep, so that they can groove when they go for that power walk, over to the burrito place. Mmmmm burritos. The intro to this mix builds up slow, then pauses, you need a breather, then kicks it up a notch, like emeril laggasse. does anyone actually like emeril? i used to be a huge food network junkie, until i killed my television, which by the way does make me better than you. i recently saw emeril on the tube and he looked all fat and sweaty, and sick, like his tongue was swollen or something. very disturbing. I cant get that image out of my head. bam, stroke, bam! i did something different with this mix : i used 2 tracks twice. i start off the mix with lightspeed champion, for those of you who have been paying attention and have a good memory, Devonte Hynes, formerly of Test icicles, is LSC. I used "Galaxy of The Lost - the Bo$$ rmx", and then a little later on i mix in the Bonde do Role remix. bonde do role, wow. so good. Their album, With Lasers, was not only brilliantly named but was also killer as well. The band is witty, funky, and fun. Their rappers are earnest and terrible in that early 80’s i “know” how to rap sort of way. like the rappers on the hip house albums of the early 90’s. so awful, and yet so full of esprit. the songs on the album, in particular, “solta o frango” which sounds a lot like jj fad, and “jabuticaba” with its incredible theft of the song from grease, are sure fire pleasers at the enormous room. the other thing i repeated was the track "FaFaFa" by datarock. i love this nerd, he is - we interrupt this post for an important news flash - datarock is two people. not one.

i like the original "fafafa" better than the remix, of which there were millions, and speaking of millions what the hell is what with the remix craze. i mean i like a good remix err now and then, La MoDa wont front on a banging remix, but damn yalls. take it easy. a great song comes out and you check the blogs and all of a sudden there are a million remixes of it ready for download. Like an arms race. err blog is racing against time and each other to see who can put up the glitchiest, rawest, loudest, stuttering-est remix/edit. and eventually it all sounds like noise.

Hey Krames, you don’t know me but i know you. what the fuck? i used to love your remixes. nowadays its like listening to an audio seizure, what gives? i is also looking at you too, uhm, well actually, at all of you. you know who you are. i tried to single out one or two of you, but i have decided its not worth just picking on one or two of you. sorry krames, that wasn’t fair. its all of you out there in the electro blogosphere. bring that game up please. "repeater effect” does not a remix make. the mantis does not agree with this assessment by the way, he is happy with whats out there on all you discobelles, missingtoofs, and etc, etc. keep up the good work he says. damn that mantis. He’s too nice.

there are some straight up dancy tracks on this mix, and i have to say, it was tons of fun putting it together. Sammy bananas used to be in the band Miss Fairchild a band that kicks major funky ass. He’s on tour now doing his thing all over the world. if you have a chance to check him out you should, he’s incredible, oh and he plays like a million different instruments and its not fair. like in the same way its not fair that jack Johnson is a surfer, a hippie music star, a model, a philanthropist, and a brain surgeon. fuck you jack Johnson, you’re not black or a boxer, so ha! you aint all that. but sammy bananas, he is all that. and a bag of chips. Barakas is also on this mix. Those of you who love bonobo, and honestly who doesn’t love that dude? he’s a monkey who makes really good music! No, not that kind of monkey. No really i didn’t mean it that way, please don’t boycott me or La MoDa. We are poor and ignant, you wouldn’t get a thing from us. barakas IS bonobo. except with a bit more swing and less hair. but no, seriously, they are both simon green. i promise. have i ever lied to you? there are a couple of sweet old school remixes here to get you thinking about your past. i know we all think sean paul is annoying right, but this temperature remix/blend thing i do on this mix, will hopefully get you past the hatred you feel for him and bring you down a notch to “extreme dislike” after all isn’t hate too strong of a word to be throwing it around like that? shouldn’t we save words like that for artists like snow, or vanilla ice, or color me badd? wait, no, not color me bad, although they were white they were ok. oh wait, this just in, i am being informed that there was indeed and african american in the band.... thoughts? well i am gonna end it here cause i am not sure i can handle all my snark for much longer. all this tired has got me cranky and testy. enjoy this mix and let it put you in a good mood. you deserve it. its 11 oclock, do you know where your children are?

Sol De Invierno
Track list
Galaxy of The Lost (Bo$$ in Drama Remix) – Lightspeed Champion
Good Times (FiTFORUSE Edit) – Crystal Castles
Brew Barrimore – Diplo
Falling Out (Sammy Bananas Dub) – Oh Snap
2042 L.A. Dreams – Gentlemen Drivers
Can i Get A (Soohan Bmore remix) – Jay Z
Girlfriend – DJ Technics
Temperature (Mosart Famous Amos Blend) – Sean Paul
When Will i Be Famous – Sascha Funke
FaFaFa (Miami Horror RMX) – Datarock
FaFaFa - Datarock
LES Artistes (Grahm Zilla Remix) – Santogold
Lowlife (LA Riots Remix) - Scanners
Day n Nite (Crookers Remix) – Kid Cudi
Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, & Lime – Muscles
Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique Mix) – Gold Chains
Galaxy of The Lost (Bonde do Role Remix) – Lightspeed Champion
Stabilo Bossa – Barakas
My Beau – Daedelus

track list said and done....

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  1. yo mosart! couple points - i was going to tell you to stay true to your roots and not go all dancy and shit - but this mix is pretty nasty - so i guess i'll just say remember you roots - also, as to the whole emeril thing, he is fat and greasy because he actually loves food - remember julia child? she was far from the perfect figure we expect from our public figures today, but she obviously loved food! as opposed to rachel ray - oh i forgot, rachel ray represents "fat" people now, or at least not those people who don't starve themselves - if you saw rachel ray in real life you'd think she was a knockout - keep on posting...