Tuesday, February 3, 2009

History IN The Making

i love indie rock. i like the music. i like the lyrics. for a while there, its felt as if the indie kids were the only ones breaking new grounds and going out on a limb and trying new stuff. bringing emotion back into the mix. i get tired of all this rap shizz, which quite frankly, isnt that very good right now. i know errbody is saying that, but just cause they are doesnt make it a lie. i love sufjan stevens, new pornagraphers, and the new matt and kim is off the wheels (do the kids still say that?) sometimes you just wanna rock out with your caulk out ya know? sometimes these guys and girls get it just right. they do know how you feel. i love me some biggie, but that ninja never peered into my heart. La MoDa has feelings, lots of them. sometimes a little indie is what soothes the beast. this mix is an attempt to put together some under-appreciated gems from the past couple of years, along with some (well deserved) over hyped stuff. grab yourself a PBR tallboy , put on some leggings, hell strap on a fanny pack, its 09, we got a black man in the white house, pretend you are on the L train, sit back and enjoy

Out One Ear In The Other (mosart212)set list
funkdafied - Faust and Shortee /
my man DJ JASONKEITH put me on to Faust and Shortee, and I have been a fan ever since. Its not exactly electro, it aint funk- but its funky, its kinda breaks, but not really... is this what florida sounded like in the late 90's?

Ankle Injuries - Fujiya & Miyagi /
they are not japanese. they will not teach you how to kick some cobra kai ass, but they will rock it with some smooth lyrics, and beautiful instrumentation.

Gotta get rid of Rick (James Pants Rmx) - Baron Zen /
so Baron Zen came out with his crazy ass shizz, a long, long, long, time ago, 1988, and then went on to found Stones Throw, which by the way, you need to stop jocking. I mean they are good, but not that good, for every Madlib on the label there is Charizma, and by the way even if you have never heard of Charizma, keep in mind that its not, "Charisma", its Chari"z"ma. La MoDa is militantly opposed to your incorrect spelling - unless we like your music, in which case we will make an exception, like you OUTCAST, uhm, OUTKAST... so, yeah, the Baron, he kills it. but this is about James motherfudging Pants. the new prince, not the color, but the awesome little musician? the new, weirder, robert smith? you tell us, but be on the lookout we will rock him again...

This month, Day 10 - CSS /
i was afraid of the new album, Donkey, was it gonna suck? was it gonna prove all the haters right? was CSS and their first album all hype? nope and nope. this song rules, this album rules, the new one rules.

Circle Square Triangle - Test Icicles /
test icicles is thrash rock, or "noise". they dont exist anymore. they had a black guy in the three- man-band. La MoDa loves when bands that dont sing rap music, have a black guy. this is progressive, after all La MoDa loves it when "people" point out that black people started rock and roll; having a black guy in the band legitimizes that "claim." this song has just the right amount of yelling with a broken voice, to make it awesome, but not annoying.

I just had to die - The Knife /
the knife is like when ghostface killah wore the stocking on his face for the first few months of the wu's career. then tony figured out he was too pretty to wear a stocking on his face and stopped.

its like that, except that the knife didnt stop. they hate the media, they hate interviews, and they hate all the things curt cobain hated. they are brother and sister, and Karin Dreijer Andersson's voice is so goddamn sexy i dont want her to die.

Since you were gone (mosart212 icey cold mix) - Chromeo /
I am over the whole chromeo craze. its was hard to break out, but i am now on the other side. from here i can still say they are incredible. worth the hype? its so hard to say as a former junky. what do you think?

Kennedy Killed the heat (MSTRKRFT rmx) - Buck 65 /
Thank me with your hands (MSTRKRFT rmx) - Panthers /
Death From Above 1979 had to change their name because apparently James Murphy came up with it first! seriously? yes seriously, they had to add the "1979" part. Jesse Keeler from MSTRKRFT is one half of the phenomenal DFA, not to be confused for DFA from NYC, right james murphy?!. there was a point at the height of the electro-music blog craze (you know where errbody you knew was downloading errthing that was put onto missingtoof, and discobelle, and, and...) where whenever you saw this: "mstrkrft remix" you knew it was going to be good. not too much glitch, not too much pretension, just enough of the song left in that you actually recognize it as a remix.

Black Background - Presets
this beat is banging. oddly enough its not indicative of what the whole presets album sounds like, but a good clue that you should get your hands on their art.

Nothing Better (mosart212 1000 bongos remix)- Postal Service /
dont hate on the postal service. they make real emotional music, that is great to listen to when you are feeling depressed. I especially loves this song when we are feeling blue. seriously. dont. hate. ben gibbard is wack with death cab (yeah we said it)(they take that feeling sad thing a little too far and all of a sudden you no longer feel ike someone knows how you feel, you feel worse!) but awesome in his shoegazing emo-ness when it comes to the postal. we cant say we loved DNTEL at first but then like a tumor, they grew on us, and now i likes DNTEL. so jimmy tamborello is cool too. this is one of mosart's first ever edits. we think it came out alright.

Young folks (Dj Serafin breaks mix) - Peter Bjorn and John/
this remix is off the hook (do the kids still say that?) i know you are sick of this song and we are sorry. but whenever we throw this joint on at the enormous room the kids go crazy. still. serafin doesnt do anything special here except find the most perfect, basic, breakbeat to throw behind an almost perfect song.

Chi Ching - Lady Sovereign /
yo we are still waiting for that album with Juelz Santana (hey if you gonna like ignant rap, you might as well go all out and like the sleeziest, dirtiest, nihilistic dudes out there, right?) and the young "lady" from england.

Time stands still - Cut Copy /
so La MoDa notices that this mix is covered with peeps who received a lot, and we do mean a lot, of hype when they first drop, and in the case of cut copy, the hype is still on high. we meant to do this. its what we do from time to time. you know you liked it when it came out so why dont you like it now?

Baby Doll - NERD
not the full song, but here it is if you just have to have it. and yeah that new NERD album sucks. sorry. such a disappointment since everything before this one is kaboom! perhaps pharrel is, dare i say it.....busy with other things?

set list said and done

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