Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just wanted to point out the obvious to our readers/listeners that this website, and the bells and whistles we're trying to stuff into it, are works in progress. Both Mo and I have a pretty good ear for SOUND (and associated troubleshooting), but our knowledge of "the computers" and online publishing ranges from "what's a hyperlink?" to "make that squiggly blue thingy go away!" We're also trying out some different file hosting/flash player services (as you might have noticed). Please drop us a line if you notice something amiss (Mo teaches English, so correcting his typos will be extra satisfying!). Conversely, if there's stuff you like, or certain features we roll out that work, let us know. Drop us a comment, shoot us an email (lamodamixtapes[at], or harass us on one of the various social networking sites the kids love so much these days.

(pic: malinmaskros)

As they like to say on the train, If you see something, say something...then flip it, flange it, and put it over a fire beat!

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