Monday, February 9, 2009

I'll Give You Something To Cry About

Edit the Sad Parts You Baby
I told Jason Keith and Rocket.One that the moment I dropped into my Radiohead edit, I knew this mix was going to be something special. mantisounds has been hitting yall over the head with all them floor-sweepers. get up and dance he tells you. well, this is not that. Chillout. Contemplate life. there is a definite story that this mix is the soundtrack to, but what that story is, I don’t know. I was imagining a piece of classical music as I was mixing one song to the next. The way classical music is written and performed in “movements”. this mix is about movements, about feelings and experiences. you start one place, and in a way you return there at the end, but you are not the same. No. you are never the same…..

Edit the Sad Parts You Baby - Track List

Videotape (mosart212 ghost in the machine edit) – Radiohead
Another crack at making edits. I made this one using my AEM 100i (greatest mixer in the world!), kaos pad and my serato scratch. added a couple of effects to give it that dirty sound, right towards the end I went a little crazy with my analog effects on the AEM. the original song is, in true radiohead form, unbelievable. I do mean unbelievable in the truest sense of the word – I CANT BELIEVE IT IS REAL. It blows me away every time I hear it. I hope I captured the essence, but more importantly how I feel when I hear it, in my “remake”.

Video tapez (ft. del the funky homosapien)AmpLive
Amplive was gonna “grey album” the whole IN RAINBOWS, then he received a cease and desist order (or so I heard from the interwwwebs, which I never question) and stopped. for a while there were only two singles from that project floating around that i could get my hands on. Here is the whole thing! This rhyme is vintage del the funky homosapien. I was sooo not into the whole deltron 3030 thing, I mean, yeah I knew the dude was a nerd (and really if you believe that most rappers aren’t you need to get your head checked, and as the old folks say, I have a bridge to sell you in bk when you get back from your appt.) but deltron3030 was a bit too much. on this track he is rhyming words, semi coherently, circa ’93. yeah La MoDa has been jockin the “golden age” of hip hop, but the love is mad deserved.

Mince Meat – Danger Doom
wow… is there anything Doom cant do? I mean seriously the guy is like Mantisounds, he is just always on, always working. (cue the clipse “grindin” instrumental) I love the way mf doom rocks a mic. he understands that sometimes rapping is about rhyming words together. even if you are rapping about seemingly nothing, which is NOT what doom does. he weaves together these stories that have a david foster wallace flow to them – footnotes, asides, and even some marginalia. first he is telling you about the ionic breeze quadra, then about how his secretary likes to tease him, and finishes it up by telling you that he is so paranoid he wears a HAZMAT suit under his tuxedo. Wowz. is he a secret agent? is he a private eye? and of course “…wherever mouse go danger follows…” Dangermouse has been on a tear lately. the evolution from ODD COUPLE, to MODERN GUILT, alone, is enough to show you the kid ain't finished. he is looking for the perfect combination. it's sort of how I felt before I met up, and started working with, Mantisounds. with beck, dangermouse is getting closer to the wall of sound 2.0 – stay ready!

Cosmic Rapp – James Pants
Again. I can’t stop. please james pants come visit me. I ain't rich but I have a guest room. and no cats.

Passport Radio (mosart212 poetic edit)Broken Social Scene
first thing is first. My wife knows I LOVE leslie feist. she's the one person i would leave her for. And now you do too. I first discovered Feist thru Broken Social Scene, the come and go band with a million famous folks, from Canada, where every good indie band from the last 4 years has come from. I added a poem (“night feeding” by Muriel Rukeyser, off a disc of famous poems read by the authors themselves, my home girl Lilly, let me burn a couple of years ago. I do a lot of damage to the poem before I underplayed it with the BSS song) to this one, some digital decay, re-looped the middle, stretched out the time, threw in a thumping drum and hat on reverb, and the rest is history. I love the noisiness of this edit. on the verge of breaking up all together, but keeps it together right thru to…

Dumb HyphyE-40
I am just now getting into E-fizzle. this guy is a genius, why no one told me this before (except for P. Strong the III who told me this and the fact that lil weezy was gonna be HUGE, back in 97. P knew in 97 yall!) E-figgidy, in case you haven’t heard aint an arrogant rapper. but he is a wordsmith of the highest caliber. he ain't super witty ala canibus, but he is a better rapper than ‘bus. he is more fun, less obsessed with aliens. The hyphy movement is pretty intense too. I don’t really like the other guys in the scene, but Forty Fonzarelli, has a style I can relate to. perhaps it’s his earnestness, his boastful humbleness. this track is a lot of fun. Music right now is too serious, I was just saying to my man, Liam, the other day, there are not too many people out there having fun, and making fun music. these ARE trying times but come on yalls, can we get a little dumb erry now and then?

Pass It on - Faust & Shortee
another F&S track? Yes.

Thanks For Your TimeGotye
Gor-tee-yeah. also rocks out with The Basics. the lyrics to this one are brilliant. this song is about how when I call T-mobile, or ComCast, or Bank oF America. I can never really get through to a fucking human. they don’t want to inconvenience me, but they do it anyway. the hook, “don’t ask me I just work here,” is straight up slackerdom. I feel like it’s the new mantra of all big-box working idiots. and if you are a big-box working idiot, sorry about the fact that you are going to lose your job. make sure you RSS this blog, so you can at least listen to some good music while looking for another dead end job.

Hip Hop Saved My Life – Lupe Fiasco w/ Nikki Jean

Lupe is fire. Lupe is a Muslim, but you can’t tell. as I wrote that I felt guilty. is it wrong to point out that he is Muslim? I think maybe saying “but you can’t notice” is also a little weird. but it’s the first thing I think of when I think of lupe. the next thing I think about is how lupe is the best in the game right now. ain’t no one (yes good for you if you caught the "double negative. now move on) writing on lupe’s level. Period. Food & Liquor, was a great introduction, he took it easy on us. He drove us to the church, but he didn’t force us to come inside. he preached, but he was on that subversive tip, you didn’t know he was preaching. but with The Cool, which by the by, is nominated for 4 Grammies, he dragged us inside. he said, “listen if you wanna hang, you have to listen” and if you heard what lupe was spitting on The Cool, you should be disturbed, inspired, sad, ecstatic, pumped up, and depressed, at the state of this godless world, all at once. If you can follow Lupe’s narrative arc on this one, you’ll see that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Lupe is the truth right now.

Avante (mosart212 extra nyc edit) / Italian Visitors – Michna
Adrian Michna came to the scene as a dj, and thank god he moved on to making beats. blazing beats. beats that sound old in their compositions, but could only come from the mind of an ADD addled, city dwelling, techno-porn loving, white kid. Thank god. the edit on the front end of this mix extends the intro, and layers on the intro piano, and voices, (thru midi), from Italian Visitors. I hardly ever play them back-to-back, but it just felt right this time. Let me know what you think. the songs switch over as soon as the voice says “holler” and I throw on the kaos effect #53 at 101 bpms.

Delirium – Owusu & Hannibal
“Your delirium, something, something, something….” these two mofo’s are smooooth. I mean like marble-floor-in-your-socks smooth. Yacht rock smooth. please pick up Living With… so you know just how sexy Copenhagen gets. they make baby making music. when I first received this album in the mail, from my boy Dan (holleracthaboing!) I really did not like it. at all. I hated the beats. I thought it was a bit boring. But its complicated, and like all complicated things, if you work at it, and try to understand it, you arrive at this place where Owusu & Hannibal are tearing shit up.

Robots TV On The Radio
I cannot believe all these robots fucking in the middle of the street. pictures of oprah winfrey fucking robots, on ebay….go pick up “dear science” aight….

Dutty Six Pack – Santogold & Diplo
Cutty Ranks, is the DJ (get with the lingo, gringos! That’s what mc’s are called in Jamaica, birthplace of reggae) on this one. this one gets me amped up err time. Cutty’s flow is sick, and supposedly this is a freestyle. it’s the guitar in the background, that makes all the difference. it ain’t even a big guitar sound either, it’s got almost no bottom or base to it, but it makes you want to break something just the same.

Flight Of The Conductor (mosart’s girl is crazy edit) - Beatfanatic ft. Mad Midget / Soko
this is off the Mad Midget myspace bio: "Mad Midget brings some gangsta shit with a flavor of delta blues. With a dirty mouth that never use toothpaste he makes cash and more cash. With guests like Cleancut, Rinning eye and Tacky Tick he brings that ultimate blues shit for the pimps and hoes who likes to shake their bootay! BLING BLING CASH IS KING." it cracks me up good. I blended the middle part of the F.O.T.C. track with this stripped down / acoustic version of Soko’s “my enemy”. I thought her lyrics went along real well with the backing track. its an acoustic version so there wasn’t much to isolate on the Soko track, which makes it all the more smoove. I love the way the breakdown in the backing track works with the hook of “my enemy” which by the way was actually pure luck. this mix is a one shot deal, blended in real time. If I had to do it over I would pump up the vocals just a tad more. what do you think?

Until It Comes Again The Black Ghosts
the hook/break part of this song, when the electric guitars come in (right before the actual hook “until it comes again/oohh ooh oh”) reminds me of one of those grungy rock songs from the early 90’s. I would expect a little bridge like that to exist in a “jesus and mary chain” song. this is a funky song, with some really nice drumming, Theo Keating is Fake Blood, for those of you still trolling missingtoof and discobelle for the latest remix of a remix of an edit. Fake Blood is a little too hard for my taste, but I love the laid back style of the Ghosts. I am always blown away when I find out that all these new group that I love are just duo’s. two people pumping out all that sound. Simon Lord, the other half, was in Simian, not to be confused with Simian Mobile Disco and they were pretty fly for a bunch white guys. his voice is beautiful. A little sleazy, a little silky, a little, dare I say, black?

Forgotten Places (moodymann remix) – Alif Tree
again, this is a song, that although I love the whole thing, I come in at the 2-minute point. the guys shouting out the names and places, really bring me back; reminds me of riding late night, in the west Indian cabs in queens, nyc. the dudes are always listening to underground radio, which is one, very long, trini beat and the dj constantly shouting out folks. what I especially love is the way the beat comes down a little when the dj begins to talk. 5 minutes of the beat coming in and out and some ill, island patois. I used to ask the cabbies to translate what the dj was saying, and they would always look at me like I was crazy. they’d tell me, but they would still think I was nuts.

Cross Bronx ExpresswayCross Bronx Expressway
pure funk. sounds old, feels old. makes you shake your hips. why is this sound so hard to recreate? Discuss…

Paper Float (Styrofoam x-911 remix) – Cassettes Won’t Listen
you know that thing I said about amazing duos and how they get me all charged up? well solo acts, like my new favorite (in every mix I have submitted for posts so far) Cassettes Won’t Listen, makes feel inspired and makes me want to quit trying all at once. this remix is about the chaos I was feeling, during the last few moments of recording this mix. I felt I was melting.

set list said and done....

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