Saturday, February 21, 2009

1978 (Henry Hill Where Are You?)

(pic: frank c.)

’78/ one year later/ peace to La MoDa/ take me out wit the fader…

...a year after our birth. 1978 is… like “the old man and the sea”. lots of struggle. introspection. many false starts. the mixes on this one are some of the Mantis’ best - the man went out of his way for this one. We wrestled with these tracks; tried to tame them. the result is a new sound, one that is on the verge of coming apart – is it a trainwreck, is it meant to sound like that? no, and yes. no more sitting around and listening to those comfy blends that we’ve mastered. yes we went out to sea. we cast our nets, we dragged up the tracks we thought represented the year of “the copyright act” ; the hillside strangler, the “one love peace concert” ; louise brown ; harvey milk ; and of course the masterpiece known as the Lufthansa heist. We thought the year sounded like drugs. ironic but earnest. 1978 does not acknowledge its limitations. 1977 brought many riches, in the form of new fans, old friends coming back into the fold (does that sound cultish?) (are we a cult?), new opportunities (big big ups to especially dj soulstatic!), and more love all around. boston’s waking up. the tide is coming in. we have plenty o’ fish. We might even teach you a thing or two about fishing

1978 track list

The Manual (La MoDa 1978 D.A.R.E. mix) - Lazyboy
Drop (Cornelius remix) - Kings Of Convenience
You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix Remix) - Fleetwood Mac
Listen Up (MSTRKRFT relick) - The Gossip
Most Of All - Morgan Geist
Solid Gold - Golden Filter
Wholemeal - Groove Armada
Super Sound - J-Rocc
Sabali - Amadou & Miriam
Blowing Up The Barrio - Fort Knox Five
Top Brass - All Good Funk Alliance
People Make The World Go Round - Angela Bofill
Rippin Kittin - Golden Boy ft. Miss Kittin
Give It Up (U-Tern Remix) - Marvin Gaye
Day One - Deadly Avenger
Igla (La MoDa Insert Funny Name edit)- Monokle
100% (La MoDa Funky Girl Intro Edit) - Chromeo/
Treasure Fingers
And I Was A Boy From School - Hot Chip
Africa/Mayibuye I (Dixon's Alt Version) - Meitz
Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix) - Bob Marley
Beat Goes On - Original Mix - DJ Kid Stretch
Zulu Nation Party (La MoDa That's Messed Up Edit)- Malcolm McLaren

track list said and done....

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