Thursday, February 5, 2009

On a Crowded Floor

(pic: Themrock)

Here’s a little mix to ease you from the chillout room onto the dancefloor. Funky midtempo breakbeat stylings of the “organically cultivated, slow roasted” variety. This set is a little more deliberate, I let the songs bubble and blend in the mix a little longer. And the Bonobo song at the end is a perfect example of why I’ll buy literally ANYTHING with Bonobo’s name on it (has Bonobo EVER made a bad song? If so, I haven’t heard it!).

No lengthy discussion of the tracklisting this time, just a linky link and a flash player (I’ll let the music speak for itself, brah)...

Mantisounds - on a crowded floor

1. krafty kuts - the funk is
2. fort knox five - dodge city rockers ft. mustafa akbar
3. freestylers - b boy stance (dub pistols remix)
4. ed royal & dj enne - vamos irmanos
5. flow dynamics - edit
6. All Good Funk Alliance - AGFA Theme
7. flow dynamics - superjam
8. All Good Funk Alliance - smooth daddy
9. anita o'day - swing, swing, swing (RSL remix)
10. shirley horn - come dance with me (sugardaddy remix)
11. mr. scruff & quantic - it's dancing time
12. NONO - funk master
13. hydroponic sound system - blue notes for the puma set
14. herbaliser - gold rush
15. dj shadow - right thing (z trip remix)
16. goyte - a distinctive sound
17. bonobo - recurring

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