Monday, February 16, 2009

A Stream Of Words And Music

i like Kava tea. my wife introduced it to me the other day and i have been hooked ever since. its soothing and calming properties put me in a great mood and a great state of mind. I have been stressed lately. I think the fluoride in my water is making me a little paranoid too. But on the whole I have been feeling paranoid lately. i had originally recorded another mix, “The Kava Tea Mix Down” two days before, but accidentally deleted it from my computer before I was going to post it – well before I had a chance to send it sound cloud, to be exact. Tough week. so I had a “mini” panic attack, and here’s why: so i am now on faceboob after swearing that I would never be on faceboob. And i like it. Believe me I don’t want to like it but I do. I like being able to connect with people who I haven’t se--- wait! You know what. i am not getting into this here. long story short, i was freaking out because i wrote on my “status update” that I was working on a mix and I would have it up by the next day. I wrote that on Friday night. now it is Sunday night and due to technical difficulties i have not yet posted. (meta moment…) will they hate me? will they all give up on the blog? blogs that are updated regularly, on a schedule do much better than blogs that are updated on the whatever tip… I really like the Andrew bird remix on this tape. I really like Andrew Bird. andrew bird if you are reading this call me!

I went to school with ebon moss-bachrach. he has turned into quite the handsome fellow. He was always into acting and now he is a big time actor. The serious kind. the kind you’ve never heard of. I was annoyed to find out that I could not be his “friend”, even though we were friends when we were in HS.I know people always say that, “oh no, we were tight… we were close in high school.” But this is true. we weren’t like best friends but we were good enough friends. I knew his name, he knew mine. Unlike the 300 hundred other peoples on his fan page, I have actually met, and sat next to ebon moss-bachrach. i should be able to be “friends” with him now. instead the only option I have is to be a “fan”. that is a metaphor for how unfocused this mix can be at times. actually it isn’t.

the comparison essay is not intended to be an essay in which the student points out what is different or the same in the papers they read, but rather an assessment to see if they can find the thematic, applicable, or abstract ways in which two or more authors think about subject/topic/idea X.


i had another freak out. we were making sushi yesterday and we had no wasabi. Well we did, but it was bad. It was bitter and it wasn’t at all spicy. i like it spicy. so I put on my coat, to walk over to the Japanese restaurant around the corner, and see if they would sell me some wasabi, and while I was there some ginger too. i hate goin to restaurants and asking them to sell me stuff lke they are a grocery store or something. but that doesntstop me from doing it. love that ginger. as I was putting on my coat I decided that I would check with my neighbors before I went out. It was cold out, and I didn’t really want to go out, even if it was across the street. I knocked on their door and the guy (don’t know his name) (ok I do know his name but I forgot) answers in his bathrobe. I ask if he has wasabi. he smiles and shakes his head, no. he does not have wasabi.

i go back to my apartment and i ask my wife if this makes me a racist. Oh I forgot to mention my neighbors are a young Chinese couple (ok so I didn’t forget his name, i just cant pronounce it) who have lived here just as long as I have. My wife doesn’t know if this makes me a racist or not. thoughts? yes i have white neighbors. no i did not ask them.

this mix is weird. and by weird I mean i have been on a weird kick lately, and I am putting together these crazy arrangements and mixes. Like my life in the last two months. I sit down to make one thing and this is what comes out. other things. rollercoasters. there are a couple of real sleepers on this mix. I dug into my compilations collections and came back with some obscure one hit wonders from the chill-out room to get you into just the right mood. i was going for a relaxed mix, one that i would want to hear after a long and stressful day. One of my all time favorites, kid loco, is on this mix. a beautiful gorillaz remix of “dirty harry” wait, now that I think about it, this mix is not all that chill. It’s got a bit of a psychedelic edge to it. The koushik, the stereolab… hmmm maybe its all that kava tea I have been drinking. i seem to be making no sense. No sense at all…..

“eaux” sounds like “o” does it not?

Kava Tea
Track list

66 Meters - Indian Ropeman (ft. Shahin Badir)
Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser - Azymuth
She's My Lover (Song For R) - Kid Loco
Talk To Me - Live At Maison Folie - DJ Vadim
Dirty Harry [Schtung Chinese New Year Remix] - Gorillaz
Dirty Fingered [mosart212 surfers blend] - J. Rocc/ Jack Johnson
L.O.V.E and you & I - Jazzanova
One In A Day - Koushik
Elephants - Owusu & Hannibal
Someone's Second Kiss - RJD2
Departures - Karminsky Experience Inc
Siamo Noi - Laura Pausini
Harvey Daley Hix - Stereolab & The High Llamas
Infinity Of Rhythm Remix - Ammoncontact
I (joe beats remix) - Andrew Bird
Songs That We Sing - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Dinosaur On The Ark - Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit (ft. Ben Brewer)
Piranas Are A Very Tricky Species - Mark Mothersbaugh
Jamie Oliver - Cassette Boy

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