Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Except For Just A Dream

Continuing on my experimental path, this mix takes the form of a dream. In this dream things are not making sense and its in this confusion that we see the narrative. Like in a dream, songs pop in and out of focus. There are multiple edits on this one, multiple sounds layered on top of each other, echoes thrashing about, songs getting sucked up into other songs, and some songs spitting up the next track. I dug deep and pulled the dust off of some of my favorites. i cant believe that “My Guru” song is by Jack Johnson. i have no idea what that even means since it doesn’t sound at all like him and his “work”, which is great but all sounds the same. This is not a song about some wayward girl, who model/surfer/singer/heart surgeon Jack Johnson feels bad for from afar, but instead of intervening decides to write a “song” about; nope, this is a kick ass beat with some serious sitar action. maybe a holdover from his backpacking/entitled exploitation days in India? I know nothing about Chimp Beams, only that they rock the shit out of all their instrumentals. every time I try to order their shit from turntable lab (i love you guys, i wish La MoDa could do an in-store sesh…?!)(seriously what would it take?) its Always sold out. So for now, i have only what i have. and what i have is so very good. Tried to play a little nerdy-sonic-guess-the-connection-test with the Yoshimi track, by introducing the song that plays before it on the album, the song that sets up the story of why robots wanna kick our ass and kill us. That Video Car track by Sporto Kantes is pure fiyah; so much fun and so fucking European. I don’t know where that sample with the little kid and the “Jamaican” guy talking is from, but man, it seals the deal. So It Is Baby! another example of Europeans taking the lead in/on the “interesting” music plane. french = good cheese, AIR, Sporto Kantes, and men wearing things bought at a woman’s department store, unironically and awesomely! yeah, me and my purse should be rocking sets in ghey paree, not here where 2/3rd of the population still wonders why La MoDa isn’t playing your Rhianna request, even tho its yurr birfday and you asked “nicely.” The answer is fuck you. stop sleepwalking baby, its time to go “dancing”….

Except for just a dream track list

Its Gotta Be The Shoes Intro – Mosart212
Paper Float – Cassettes Won’t Listen
Paper Float (Maker chill remix) – Cassettes Won’t Listen
Les Fleur – Zero 7 & 4Hero
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 (Mosart212 prelude edit) – The Flaming Lips
Lost in Paradise – Campbell & Joe
Gold Watch – Lupe Fiasco
Mute Salvation – Chimp Beams
Fake French – Le Tigre
New York City – Gil Scott Heron
Listening Man – The Bees
Four Hills – DJ Day
Why Should I Cry (Mosart212 Crybaby edit) – Avia
Big Lost (Mosart212 Big Stuffs edit) – Diplo
Montara (Mosart212 Zapped Momma edit) – The Roots
My Guru – Jack Johnson
Video Car – Sporto Kantes
I Hear The Drummer (Mosart212 Intro edit) – Luke Vibe
I Changed My Mind (Stereo Mc’s Rattlesnake Mix) – Lyrics Born
CafĂ© De Flore – Dr. Rockit
Let’s Get Known – The Unicorns
One Bruised Step Outro – Mosart212

track list said and done...

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