Sunday, March 21, 2010

square pegs in a world full of lame ass clones

Big ups to daddy Mantis for sneaking off a banging mixtape last week!

A note about facebook: facebook seems to be getting cooler. hear me out on this one. its slowly losing the lame kids and the obnoxious oversharers and its becoming a great marketplace for ideas. i dont know about you but i love loggin on to see that my homeboys and homegirls around the planet is getting they things done. shows, exhibits, openings, publishings, getting they fame on. i love it. it inspires me, and lately i need inspiration...

i have been struggling with the blog, you know, like, existential crisis stlye - specifically, the words you are reading right now and those like them. who reads this anyways? arent most folks (if there are indeed more than 20 of you out there) getting they mixes sent right to they ipoddies? i have fun writing shit out for you, and doing my stream of consciousness thing, and of course the occasional shout out to a random artist is always fun (holleratchaboing dj shadow, i am tryna follow in YOUr fucking footsteps dude, call me up, stop fronting!), but sometimes i feel like dubbayuteeef, you know?

and as an artist i have been feeling very stunted lately, like i am looking for a new thing, trying to find a new sound, and although i love this mix (seriously i wouldnt have put it up if i dint) i feel like i am not there yet. i dont know what or where this "there" is, but i will know when i get there. for now enjoy the smoove stylings of my warped mind as i take you on an ambien-pill ride through an auditory landsape full of noises, cliks, bass, and treble... if yurr out there let us know what you think of the mixes, your feedback means everything to us, we aint to big too care yo...enjoy!

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