Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Wanna Know... How To...Roll With It Baby!

greetings friends! long time no see. work has been kicking my ass. and so my jumbled brain invites you inside. set up, get comfy, and follow me on this stream of consciousness.....

my fellow Butter Brother, Todd the Rocket, sent me this awesome link today to a Eugene McDaniels article written by Cosmo Baker of The RUB from BK. Todd has been working with Eugene (or Gene as he is now privy to call him) for a couple of months now and their relationship is blossoming into something mega. Cosmo is an ill dj. After i read the link the Rocket sent me i perused the rest of Cosmo's blog which i havent done in a while. i do so love me some RUBs, they guys are an inspiration. At one point i came across a comment : "Cosmo is a dj's dj" and it got me thinking... i say shit like "your favorite dj's djs" and the like, all the time. here, on faceboob, and in my real analog avatar-less life. i started wondering (read: worrying) do motherfuckers get insulted when i say that? i love dj'ing and one of the biggest disappointments in my life is that lately i dont have enough time to devote to it, the blog, editing, remixing, and go to shows. i envied Cosmo, but at he same time i am happy as hell for him. he got his. he earned his. and he IS MAD FUCKING GOOD. but i am also happy with my position too. i was explaining to a friend that although i dont get to do any of this stuffs full time, i do get to enjoy it and the pleasures it brings. i gig, i meet interesting folks, i have a likkle recognition. and i get props. there arent too many things we humans engage in outside of shit that involves an inflated ball, where we get props. i get props. sometimes i want more, and sometimes a homeboy (big ups to REV1 for always being my jimminy cricket) has to slap me back down to earth. i do well and i do what i do out of a sense of love and urgency.

how do we get to where we are going? how do we earn the titles bestowed upon us? why must we "stay in our lane" and "play our position"?

theres been a lot of flack about who is legit, who is for real, who is down, who is fake, who is a poser, who is a groupie, who is full of shit... but its all flack. its easy to get caught up in all that and lose sight of what you originally started out to do. i never started out to become a world class, world famous dj. i am not sure if Cosmo did, but he is now, and he is really good at it. Me, i get props from other underground cats around the globe who stumble upon my humbly made mixes (can i proclaim to be your favorite dj's favorite dj and still be humble?) and i go to bed happy. i hope you enjoy what Mantisounds and I do. we eek it out, we sneak it in, we sacrifice where we cant afford to, and we keep bringing it on the real.
check out Cosmo's blog here and my boy Soulstatic's excellent internet radio station, BrooklynRadio.net, where THE RUB is hosted, here

and without further ado, here is my latest offering to the masses:

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