Saturday, July 17, 2010

sick in the head

hey kids... i am sick... i have been 1. working like a madman 2. travlin 3. doing "gigs" - it was inevitable that i would get sick. i want to give an extra special big shout out to BEAT RESEARCH and DJ AXEL FOLEY for inviting me to rock out in boston. being there reminded me how much i love and miss the snobby, elitist, yuppified east coast!

well, the fact that my body isnt having any more of my shenanigans, and i feel like total crap is shitty for me but awesome for you. here then is a mix i made entirely from my bed. last year when i got sick i created "sickasadog" but back then i was seriously fucking dying, so the mix itself had an air of slow death, a wake-like atmosphere if you will. this time around i am sick but not in that fearing for my life or sanity sort of way, more like, in an annoyed, crampy, nauseus, irritated, bored, itchy, sort of way. the jams on here are a little lessed subdued than the on "sickas..." but they do keep the spirit of contemplation alive.

a note about track lists: for those of you who have not noticed i have stopped including track lists for my mixes. its not that i do not want to give credit where credit is due, but it seems to not really do much of anything. at this point the mixes are a middle of sounds, dialogue, edits, blends, and effects, leaving many to wonder - where does one song end and another begin? that has been my goal since day one. to mix something so perfectly that the whole thing becomes ONE song, one long, elaborate movement. i hope you have been enjoying the mixes thus far, and as usual i hope you like this one. i am now on my way to the bathroom to throw up the soup i had for dinner. i love you. good night.