Wednesday, May 11, 2011

here come the judge!

aight so with every mix them LMDA boyz put out they try to try something different, and this is no different. on this mix, mosart212 (are you friends on facebook? if not, let me be the first to say, "welcome back, glad you were able to get from under that fucking rock you've been living at for all them years..." click this link) leaves behind the bleeps and bloops and computer sounds (ok, not completely) and hangs out at the dance partay for a bit, he also tries out some different blending techniques. so like, usually, he will let two (sometimes three, sometimes four) beats just blend and blend and slowly come to a bubble then subtly and slyly - BOOM - new song. but in this mix the blends and mixes happen quickly. not exactly "on the one" but close enough to that concept to create nice transitions. the mix features a couple more edits from mosart, most awesomely, a "voices inside my head" edit by the Police (oh Sting... remember when you were just a creepy, pedophile, weirdo with a cool little trio?) oh and i almost forgot! the mix starts off with a little intro beat called "jeesus break" which features a sample from Ben Folds (oh Ben Folds, remember when you were just a whiney, twee, weirdo with a cool little trio?) and Lefties Soul Connection... oh and bobby brown is featured in this mix too. oh and whitney houston is back in rehab.

on a side note - one of the things i want to work on this summer (moved back to portland yall) is being able to write more expressively (that some shitty writin right durr) about my mixing - i find my self, struggling to explain what it is that i am trying to do differently and what it is that is happening in any given mix, that you should be paying attention to. you know what i mean?

ok without any further ado, here comes the judge yall.........

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