Sunday, April 3, 2011

the revolution is here?

as we continue to see dissent, revolutions, executions, white collar robberies, governments crumble, bloggers blogging, fox new yapping, jon stewart speaking truth to knowledge, etc, etc, we ask ourselves here at La MoDa, whataboutus? what are we doing? what are we (and by "we" we mean "us" and by "us" we mean "you") doing about this whole crazy ass crazy train? We, meaning the Mantis and me, we dont know what else to do other than make mixtapes... so with that in mind - here is the latest in a long line of revolution tinged cmopositions. This time i take a couple of interviews about dissent and revolution, from the last couple of years and splice them this way and that, throw em into a mix that is clunky, chunky, wobbly at points, but never falls down. the views on this mixtape are the thoughts of the two men behind the workstation called LaMoDa, if you dont like it, less us know, lets start a dialogue, lets do something... and if you dont like well dont just sit there talking shit about "us"... do something about it....

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