Wednesday, January 12, 2011

is it all good?

delete delete delete. i have tried writing this post several times throughout the day and all i come up with is delete delete delete. im deleting lots in my life right now. from my job to where i live, tons of things are getting the backspace key. clearing the air for new things (i think)


i keep telling myself that there is no way a year that starts off this tumultuous can possibly end the same way. and so i keep my eyes on the future. hopefully i will figure out a way to physically reunite with Mantisounds and get back to making sweet music in person, hopefully i get more gigs and spread the sound to a wider audience, hopefully i figure out why a grown man makes 3 to 4 mixtapes a week and gives them away for free... hopefully you'll stick around long enough to see how all this plays out.

from the first snippet of dialogue "prosperity for who, not for me not for you..." to its schizophrenic song selection, this mix deals in confusion, it doesnt know if it wants to be happy or melancholy. there's change in the air, but the mix..., the mix dont want nothing to do with that, it would just rather put its head down and pretend nothing is happening. the samples in this mix come from old movies dealing with factory life, and automation, and the oncoming future which at times looks as if it will have no room for the children of men...

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